Difference Between Cayenne Pepper and Chili Powder

Cayenne Pepper vs Chili Powder

Countries and cultures where foods are typically hot and spicy make use of chilies, chili powder, and different varieties of fruits of capsicum to add to their recipes and also to sprinkle the dishes to season and garnish them before serving. There are many who remain confused between cayenne pepper and chili powder as both are hot and used for their hotness and spiciness. This article tries to differentiate between them on the basis of their ingredients and hotness.

It is hard to believe, but trying to substitute chili powder for cayenne pepper in a dish would rather make it look bland in taste; so hot is cayenne peppers, in comparison to chili powder. There are also changes in aroma and taste if one tries to do so.

Cayenne Pepper

This is an unadulterated spice known by many different names in different cultures such as Guinea spice, aleva, cow horn pepper, and bird pepper. It is also called red pepper as it is dried and ground to convert into a red, spicy powder using chili peppers that are red and hot. Cayenne is, in reality, a plant in the capsicum family and so called because of its origin from a French Guinea city of Cayenne. Among all food items, no one can match the hotness of cayenne peppers with a Scoville rating of 30000-50000. Cayenne powder is used to make a dish strong and hot while cooking, but it is also added as seasoning in some Korean and Chinese dishes.

Cayenne finds special mention in the list of foods that are beneficial for health as it contains lots of vitamins and minerals. However, one cannot eat this fruit in large quantities, because of its hotness and as such, cannot have all the vitamins and minerals in large quantities. However, it still remains very popular in some cultures because of the presence of capsaicin which is one of its ingredients and known to be an aphrodisiac.

Chili Powder

Chili powder is obtained by drying and grinding of chilies, a fruit belonging to plants of the capsicum family. Mankind has been making use of chili powder to add to food items to make them hot and spicy for the last thousands of years. Chili powder also adds flavor and aroma to dishes which is why it is an integral spice in any kitchen around the world. Chili powder is actually a blend of several ingredients that include cumin and even garlic powder making it unique and aromatic.


What is the difference between Cayenne Pepper and Chili Powder?

• Cayenne pepper is a specific pepper known around the world for its hotness while chili powder is a mixture of many different ingredients that may include cayenne peppers

• Cayenne pepper is so called because of its origin in French Guinea city of Cayenne and it belongs to capsicum family of plants

• Chili powder is a mixture of several ingredients mainly dried and ground red chili peppers

• Cayenne peppers are far more hot than chili powder