Difference Between CCENT and CCNA and CCNP


CCENT and CCNA and CCNP are certifications from Cisco. This is the age of specialization, and top of that professional certifications from big companies. If you are aspiring to get a promotion in the organization you are working or looking for absorption in the industry as a fresh graduate, computer certifications from giant companies are invaluable. Among companies that conduct examinations and provide certifications of specializations, CISCO ranks quite high and its certifications such as CCENT, CCNA and CCNP are in high demand among those who wish to move ahead in their careers.

Cisco is renowned for internet networking products such as bridges, routers and switches. These are vital components in connecting internet. Those passing the exams conducted by CISCO and getting relevant certifications such as CCNA, CCENT, and CCNP can hope to get rewarding jobs and have a fruitful career.


CCNA is a certification issued by CISCO to candidates who pass this exam. They are then considered as a specialist known as Cisco Certified Network Associate who knows how to lay out different components to set up internet network in any organization. He becomes a specialist in laying out internet in a Wide Area Network (WAN). He becomes well versed with the routers and switches and can easily layout, install, set up and maintain internet network. In times like these no company can afford to have any glitches in his network or slowing down of the network. CCNA certification ensures that a candidate has the requisite skills in setting up of internet network.


While CCNA is an associate level exam conducted by CISCO, CCENT is an entry level certification. CCNA is a higher ranking than CCENT. Cisco has made getting CCNA simpler by giving 2 options to candidates. One can choose to clear the entire exam in one go, or he can opt to break it into two and pass one by one. Upon passing the first part, he gets CCENT, and then he becomes CCNA when he clears the second part.


This is another certification by CISCO and is called Cisco Certified Network Personnel. This is considered to be a grade above CCNA and to become a CCNP, one needs to clear CCNA first. It is more about troubleshooting and problem solving skills. This is why a candidate having cleared CCNP is considered to have better skills than CCNA and gets better perks and amenities upon joining in the industry.


All three CCENT, CCNA, and CCNP are certifications provided by CISCO.

CCENT is the most basic, while CCNA is superior and CCNP is provided to those who have proven skills in troubleshooting.