Difference Between CDR and CD ROM


CDR (CD-R) and CD ROM are two classifications of compact discs that are used to store data either, documents, audios, movies, or any other types of media formats that can be played through cd/dvd player or a computer cd/dvd rom drive. The standard size of CDR and CD ROM is 700MB.


CD-R or Compact Disc Recordable is first invented by Sony and Philips and considered as a WORM. WORM stands for Write Once Read Many which basically what a CDR is. You only have one chance to write or burn the data into the CDR and the data can not be deleted and/or erased afterwards. But you can add as many data as you want until the 700mn size is full.


CD ROM is the short term for Compact Disc Read-Only Memory. Based from its name, CD-ROM is a compact disc that allows the reading of data only and no further data can be added or burned to the disc. The common used of CD-ROMs are software distributions, games, and other multimedia applications. The typical 700mb CD-ROM actually can hold around 800MB of data with the 100MB as error correction data.

Difference between CD-R and CD ROM

Though they are the same compact discs and seemingly the same appearance, CDR and CD ROM differ with each other in terms of usability. The CDR is the disc that you will use if you have audios, videos, or any other data that you want to store by burning or writing it in to the disc. CD ROM on the other hand contained pre-pressed data that are usually softwares or games that can only be read alone. The data stored inside the CDR is done by burning/writing process whereas the data stored in the CD ROM is done by pressing.

The difference between CDR and CD ROM can’t be easily seen from its outside look. If you are not familiar with compact discs then there is one thing that is a very obvious difference between these two discs. CD ROM usually has the label of the data stored in it and the CDR usually has the front label “blank cd/dvd”.

In brief:

• Data can be written or burned into a CDR while a CD ROM is only for reading data and never for storing data.

• The data in CDR is stored by burning and/or writing whereas the data in a CD ROM is stored by means of pressing