Difference Between Champions League and Europa League

Champions League vs Europa League

Soccer is the most popular sport on earth with the game being played in all countries of the world. It is especially popular in the continent of Europe where many soccer competitions are held in different countries. Two of the most popular and prestigious soccer tournaments are Champions League and Europa League both of which are watched by millions of people with great enthusiasm. Many people, especially those who are either from outside Europe or do not follow the game of soccer closely do not know the difference between Champions League and Europa League. Let us take a closer look at these two great Soccer Leagues.

Champions League

This is a very prestigious soccer tournament organized by Union of European Football Association, also called just UEFA. This tournament is organized to find out the best football club in entire Europe and includes top 3-4 teams from the important leagues played around the continent of Europe. The tournament that was started in 1955 was called European Champion Clubs Cup till 1992. People normally referred to it as simply European Cup. It allowed participation to the champion football club of every country of Europe. To allow for more matches and to expand the competition at the round robin stage, top 4 teams from the best European leagues are now given entry into this prestigious football competition during 90’s.

Europa League

Europa League is the new name of the erstwhile UEFA Cup. It is an annual football tournament organized by UEFA since 1971 between eligible football clubs of Europe. Qualification for this tournament is based upon the performance of the teams in their respective national leagues and other competitions. There has been a change in the format of the competition besides a change in the name since 2009-2010 season. For many, this is just a cosmetic change and nothing has changed in the football tournament that was so very popular among football fans as the UEFA Cup. Liverpool and Juventus are the names of the clubs that have won the tournament maximum number of times which is 3.

Champions League vs Europa League

• Champions League and Europa League are two of the most popular football tournaments of Europe with Europa League being 2nd in popularity after Champions League.

• Teams that do not qualify for Champions League get a chance to participate in the Europa League.

• Europa League was earlier called UEFA Cup.

• Champions League is older of the two competitions having started in 1955 while Europa League is being played since 1971.

• There is UEFA Super Cup that is organized between the winner of the Champions League and the Europa League.

• Champions League is perhaps the most popular club level football tournament in the entire world.

• While the top 4 teams in every league get a chance to play in Champions League, 5th, 6th, and 7th placed teams in these leagues are allowed to participate in Europa League.

• Another interesting point is that the 8 teams that are knocked out in the round robin stage in Champions League are given entry in the Europa League.