Difference Between Change and Transformation

Change vs Transformation

Have you ever thought about the difference between Change and Transformation? Some think they are synonyms and some feel a difference between the two terms but find it difficult to explain this difference. In this article, we are attempting to distinguish the difference between change and transformation. The word, Change, functions as a noun as well as a verb, according to the context it occurs. The word, Transformation, on the other hand, can be taken as a noun, which derives from the verb Transform. Some might think that since both words function as nouns, they carry the same meaning. However, in truth, they do not.

What does Change mean?

As mentioned earlier, the word ‘change’ could function as either a noun or a verb. The verb Change can have several interpretations as it is used in different contexts. Mainly, we use the verb Change to indicate that something has become different.

Eg: I changed my hair style, and now I look good.

Moreover, the verb Change is used to signify the replacement of something.

Eg: John changed his girl friend

This means that he replaced the previous girlfriend with somebody else.

Eg: I changed my residence after getting a new job.

This means that he moved to another place after getting a new job.

If I ask the bank whether I can change my foreign currency, that means I need to exchange the money to a different unit. Likewise, the verb Change functions in sentences to show that something has become different, has been replaced, or exchanged into another thing.

That is the verb Change.  Now, we will consider the noun Change. When we experience something new which is different from what we had earlier, we can call it as a change.

Eg: There is a change in her appearance today.

         We will go on a trip for a change.

Also, the effect of something that got different can also be a change.

Eg: The weather change is good today.

The change in the classroom surprised the students.

Likewise, the word Change can be used as a verb as well as a noun.

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What does Transformation mean?

As mentioned earlier, the word Transformation functions as a noun. If we look at the dictionary meaning, it says transformation is a complete change in something into another thing. That means, if we want to point out something that underwent a complete change, we could use the word Transformation to indicate the idea.

Eg: There was a transformation in the agrarian society after the industrial revolution.

The transformation in his character is astonishing.

Hence, the word Transformation also suggests a change that is slightly different from Change.

Difference Between Change and Transformation

What is the difference between Change and Transformation?

If we analyse both words, Change and Transformation, we can identify some similarities as well as differences. When we look at the similarities, we can see that both words are used to indicate a shift of something from one state to another. Also, both words function as nouns. Looking at the differences,

  • first, the word Change functions both as a noun and a verb but the word Transformation is only a noun.
  • Secondly, we cannot always use both words inter-changeably because their meanings and functioning may differ according to the context.
  • In addition, the word Transformation conveys a complete change of something whereas Change could be either small or may not specify the complete transformation.

In conclusion, we can identify the slight difference in both terms that may differ according to the situation in which they occur. They are not always inter-changeable but sometimes they carry the same meaning.