Difference Between Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Cholesterol vs Triglycerides

Triglycerides and Cholesterol are both falling in to the category of LIPIDs (fat). They are important to our life, however in excess they may do harm to our body. Tri glyceride is an ester formed by glycerol and three fatty acids. Cholesterol is different in structure and it may be synthesized in liver or taken from the dietary cholesterol. Cholesterol is important to produce the steroid hormones and cortisol. They are the important hormones for human life and function. Cholesterol is needed for membrane fluidity of the cell membrane.

Cholesterol level in the blood should be maintained in an optimum level. The cholesterol level is usually checked following 14 hours of fasting. The reference range may vary from lab to lab. However the common rule is total cholesterol should be less than 200mg/dl. There are different types of cholesterol in the body. The High density lipo protein (HDL) considered as GOOD cholesterol in the body. The Low density lipo protein (LDL) is considered as BAD cholesterol in the body. Actually HDL brings the cholesterol from the tissue to the liver. LDL deposit cholesterol to the tissue and blood vessles. Triglycerides can be converted in to cholesterol in liver. Excess level of triglyceride also needs control and treatment.

Cholesterol deposition in the blood vessels (mainly coronary arteries supplying the heart ) will cause angina and heart attack. If it blocks the vessel in the brain, stroke may results. The treatment for high cholesterol is both diet control and the statins (ex atravastatin). Statins may damage the liver. So diet control is considered as best option.

Regular exercise will help to reduce the levels of LDL and triglycerides and increases the level of HDL. So avoiding the oily fast foods, regular exercise and statins will help to prevent heart attack and help live prolonged good quality life.


• Triglycerides and Cholesterols are Lipids.

• Both are absorbed from diet and synthesized by liver.

• The body fat composed of triglycerides.

• Cholesterol is important to produce hormones and maintain the cell membrane.

• Excess amount of cholesterol will be deposited in the arteries. This will reduce the blood flow.

• Hyperlipidemia will increase the risk of heart attack.