Difference Between Chromebook and iPad 2

Chromebook vs iPad 2

With Chrome web browser becoming so popular all over the world, it was only logical for Google to come up with an operating system. With the recent launch of Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, it has become a reality. It is a device that will try to find a foothold in an already crowded field with devices like laptops, notebooks, and netbooks (not to mention the ever growing tablet segment). Chromebook has its distinct features that are bound to make it a choice of millions, but how does it fare when compared with iPad2? Let us make a quick comparison.


Samsung has just unveiled its latest gadget that runs on Google’s brand new OS specially developed for laptops. This is an attempt by Google to carve a niche for itself in a market dominated by Windows based and Apple’s desktops and laptops. Chromebook doesn’t really claim to be an all powerful laptop and is USP lies in a quick and pleasing web browsing experience for those who spend a lot of time on the net. The smart devise is Wi-Fi enabled allowing users to connect it directly to their internet connection without having to get a special data plan for it.

Those who have to do serious computing may not prefer the limited memory and an ordinary processor packed inside the machine and it will mostly compete with the likes of netbooks and tablets such as iPad. Of course desktops are intended for all heavy graphical work and heavy games while laptops are meant to be a companion during travels. This is why Chromebook may have to be content fighting for a ground with netbooks and iPad and other tablets.

Coming to the device, it begins with an introduction to the product on startup. One unique feature of the device is Living in the cloud which means your data is stored on Google’s server and you access it from anywhere from any other computer which is wonderful. You also have the ability to access your printers anywhere in the world through the cloud.

Chromebook has a 12.1 inch display (at a resolution of 1280x800pixels) that makes images sharp and bright. It is just 0.79 inch thick making it a very slim looking device. It has a powerful battery that makes it last for full 8.5 hours with constant use. Priced at $499, Chromebook has dual core Intel Atom N 570 (1.66 GHz) processor and makes available 16GB of internal storage. It weighs just 3.3 pounds making it easy to take everywhere. There is the standard 3.5mm headphone/mic combo jack, 2 USB ports, micro SD card slots and a video out slot.

Notable features of Chromebook are lightening fast boot up time (8 seconds) and built in 3G capabilities that come with 100MB of free data download every month for a period of two years for the subscriber. What is amazing is that your apps remain updated all the time and you are not irritated by the prompts to update the app.

There is a deal for institutions and enterprises by Google that will enable users to enjoy the device at just $30 per user per month. The only condition is that there should be at least 10 users per institution. There is further concession for educational institutions as there it costs just $23 per user per month.


If there is one tablet that has increased its craze and popularity since its launch in 2010, it is undoubtedly Apple’s iPad. With iPad2, the company has only cemented its position at the top with new features such as a faster processor and better performance while keeping the price same as its predecessor. iPad2 is also a miser when it comes to battery consumption which is what makes it a darling among those who want their tablet to last longer.

Unlike Chromebook, it is a slate with a virtual full keyboard with swype. iPad2 has dimensions of 241.1×185.7×8.8mm making it one of the slimmest tablets around. It weighs just 613g and yet has a large 9.7 inch display (1024×768 pixels) which is a little smaller than Chromebook. iPad2 works on iOS4.3 with Apple Safari as its browser. However, it does not support flash which is a bit disappointing for the surfers.

iPad2 has a super fast dual core Apple A5 processor (1 GHz) with 512MB RAM. It is available in 3 models with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB internal storage (fixed) as it does not support micro SD cards. It is a dual camera device with a rear 5MP auto focus, 4X digital zoom camera that is capable of recording HD videos in 720p. iPad2 is Wi-Fi 802.1b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, DLNA and HDMI (adaptor needed).

In brief:

• Chromebook has a faster processor than iPad2, being 1.66GHz to 1GHz of iPad2.

• While Chromebook has a briefcase design, iPad2 has a slate design.

• The display of Chromebook (12.1inches) is bigger than the display of iPad2 (9.7 inches).

• Chromebook is providing 100MB of data download per month to the users for 2 years while there is no such provision with iPad2.

• While Chromebook has a webcam like other netbooks, iPad is a dual camera device capable of recording HD videos.

• Web browsing is smooth in both iPad2 and Chromebook.

• Chromebook is heavier at 3.3 pounds while iPad2 is 1.35 pounds.

• Chromebook has a physical keyboard while iPad2 has a virtual keyboard.