Difference Between Chromebook and Laptop

Chromebook vs Laptop

Laptop also referred to as a notebook, is a portable personal computer intended for mobile use. Most of the components that you find in an ordinary desktop computer such as keyboard, display, mouse, web camera, etc. are integrated in to a single unit in a laptop, which makes it portable. On the other hand, Chromebook, even though seems like a laptop at the first glance, is a device that is built and optimized for web. Chromebook which is a specialized notebook aims to provide the best web experience by providing a faster, simpler and more secure interface, where the users spent most of their computing time.


Laptop is a portable computer that integrates all the components of an ordinary desktop computer in to a single unit. Today the term ‘laptop’ is used to refer to a wide range of devices including Full-size Laptops, notebooks, tablets and rugged devices. Power for a laptop is provided by mains electricity via an AC adapter and powered by a rechargeable battery when it is not plugged in. components of a laptop are made in a smaller size and with a lower power consumption to make them suitable for mobile use. Laptops are specific to the laptop model and most of the functionality is implemented in the board itself minimizing the use of expansion cards. Laptop CPUs are built to save power and produce less heat. Currently laptops are equipped with 3–4 GB of DDR2 RAM and comprises of 13’’ or larger color displays based on CCFL or LED lighting.


As mentioned earlier, Chromebook is a device designed to provide the user with a better web experience. Chromebook which is a specialized notebook features the Chrome OS designed specially by Google for web applications.  The very first Choromebooks are developed by Samsung and Acer. Google claims that, unlike ordinary laptops, a Chromebook will boot up in 8 seconds and resume instantly. The user will be able to access apps, games, photos, music, movies and documents whenever they need to without worrying about backing up files, since they are stored in the cloud. Especially, Chormebook has built in security features, which will eliminate the need for buying and maintaining anti-virus software. Users are also able to connect to web instantly when they need using the built in Wi-Fi and 3G. Also, it is claimed that the Chromebook will last a day on a single charge. Chromebook also provides a large number of web apps including games, spreadsheets and photo editors.

Difference between Chromebook and Laptop

Main difference between a laptop and a Chromebook is that, while laptop is a portable personal computer Chromebook is a device that is optimized to provide the user with a better web experience. Chromebooks use the Chrome OS that is specially built for web applications while laptops use a wide range of Operating Systems. Currently, Chromebooks are produced only by Samsung and Acer with the Intel® AtomTM Dual-Core Processor while you can find laptops with more powerful processors. Although, Choromebook provides the ability to save apps, documents, and settings to be stored in the cloud (removing the need for backing up), this is not a default feature in other regular laptops.

  • bruce

    please i want to buy a chromebook with a built in wifi and 3g and dose anyone know whith is the cheaper-one more thing it should have more than 1 ghz

  • John Hartley

    Can the Chromebook work with external hard drives?

  • Mojave Son

    The next computer I buy will be a Chromebook. You can’t beat the price for a trouble free device!

  • westword6

    For the average Windows 7 user, how big of an adjustment is it, to get used to the Chrome OS?
    What’s the layout like?

  • Carl Rood

    This is such a BS article. A Chromebook is a Laptop/Notebook that runs ChromeOS, that’s all. Laptop/Notebook refers to FORM FACTOR, not software. The hardware is the same.