Difference Between Cigarette and Pipe Tobacco

Cigarette vs Pipe Tobacco

Cigarette and Pipe Tobacco came from tobacco plants which were originally used as an entheogen commonly used is some occult or shamanic groups. Both these two contains different levels of nicotine. For those who did not know, the term nicotine is derived from Jean Nicot, a French ambassador in 1559.


Cigarette, developed in circa 1800s after the civil war in America, is made of carefully cut tobacco rolled in a special paper which is commonly made from wood pulp. Smoking cigarettes have been labelled as a dangerous thing to do. In fact, after few seconds upon smoking a cigarette, the nicotine would reach your lungs automatically and into your brains. It also contains other cancer-causing substances like tar, ammonia, and formaldehyde.

Pipe Tobacco

Pipe Tobacco or Smoking pipe started even before the birth of Christ around 5000-3000 BC. Back then on they burnt incense instead of tobacco but later on after discovering the effects of it, incense is replaced by tobacco and was adopted as a tool for pleasure rather than for spiritual and religious rituals. Interestingly, studies regarding the effect of tobacco show that the smoker’s mortality rate seems lower than non-smokers.

Difference between Cigarette and Pipe Tobacco

Cigarette and Pipe smoking are two dangerous habits today that cause lots of dreadful disease including cancer. While Cigarette is made by rolling the tobacco in a special paper, Pipe smoking on the other hand makes use of a pipe, and then the tobacco is place on the tip of the pipe. Cigarette can be consumed by smoking only, while in Pipe Tobacco smoking, the flavour of the tobacco can be tasted and also inhaled. Moreover, Cigarettes have undergone some chemical process making it more dangerous to our health whereas in Pipe tobacco, it is the natural tobacco as itself.

Whatever your reasons may be for smoking, we can not neglect the fact that it is harmful to your health. What more is that you are not the only one who will suffer the damage brought by smoking, the damage to the second hand non-smokers in your surroundings is doubled that of yours.

In brief:

• Cigarettes are rolled in a special paper made of wood pulp while in Pipe tobacco, the tobacco is placed on the pipe for lighting.

• Cigarettes smoking can cause dreaded diseases like cancer and heart diseases but Pipe Tobacco smoking can lower the mortality rate of the smokers as what the study shows.