Difference Between Classic Fit and Custom Fit

Classic Fit vs Custom Fit

Knowing the difference between classic fit and custom fit is very important if you are to buy a correct fitting clothe. If you love polo T-shirts, there is every chance you know about different fits offered by Ralph Lauren in men’s polo T-shirts. People often go to stores and ask the fit and choose the color. But there are two types of fit as classic fit and custom fit, which makes the selection confusing. This article intends to remove the doubts in the minds of the enthusiastic shoppers about differences between classic fit and custom fit.

What is Classic Fit?

Fashion is one big circle that repeats itself every few years. There were times when loosely fit T-shirts were in vogue, and such T-shirts are today termed classic fit T-shirts. To explain it further, a classic fit is one where one finds more room at the chest, a bit longer sleeves, and a little longer shirt tail that makes the t-shirt look more formal while providing more mobility to the wearer. This is one fit that is aimed towards professionals and elderly people who need to be relaxed at all times. As such, this fit is looser than other fits as far as polo T-shirts are concerned. However, this is a good size polo shirt that is more functional as it is longer.

Differece Between Classic Fit and Custom Fit

What is Custom Fit?

Custom fit is the slimmer version of classic fit. In sharp contrast to classic fit, custom fit T-shirts are a lot slimmer than classic fit and are aimed towards teenagers, youth and those who want to have a stylish look, and are prepared to forego comfort in favor of style. If an individual has a leaner build, a custom fit is more suitable as narrower chest makes one feel more confident. It also looks good on the person. To be precise, custom fit is about 1½ inches smaller at the chest than classic fit. It also has shorter sleeves, and is hemmed to give a smarter look. There are people who are not satisfied with even custom fit, and for such people, there is the third option of slim fit, which is ½ inch narrower than custom fit at the chest, and is shorter at the front as well as back in terms of length.

If you are a person who has a very good athletic figure, you will see that custom fit compliments your body. It will see that your athletic physique is shown to everyone. This shirt is ideal for a casual night where you go out.

What is the difference between Classic Fit and Custom Fit?

There was a time when there was a single fit for men’s as far as T-shirts were concerned. It was labeled as Classic fit and meant for cool, relaxed fit.

• For which built:

• Classic fit is for those who have a wider mid section as it is loose.

• Custom fit is ideal for those with slimmer built as it is 1 ½ inches smaller at the chest, also has shorter sleeves (1 ½ inches).

• Length:

• Classic fit is longer.

• Custom fit is also shorter in length from front as well as back, and is hemmed to give a cool look.

• Ideal for:

• This classic fit is ideal for professionals and elderly people who need to be relaxed at all times.

• Custom fit is more for people who are more interested in a fashionable look.

As you can see these classic fit and custom fit are different sizes of shirts; especially polo shirts, that are aimed at making the wearer comfortable and more fashionable. With these different sizes, the wearer gets to decided whether he should go for a loose, more functional t-shirt or for a shirt that fits well to the body, complementing his physique. Classic fit is the classical polo shirt that is loose and has wide chest and shoulders and lower arm holes. Custom fit is a more fashionable polo shirt that is slimmer, has high arm holes and is shorter than the classic fit polo shirt. If you are more fashionable, go for a custom fit. If you are someone who likes to be in a more relaxing shirt, go for the classic fit.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/marguerite.t.white Marguerite Turner White

    I have found this to be completely opposite as I just recently purchased the “classic” fit for my son. The custom fit shirt was longer (about 3/4″) and easily 1″ fuller in the chest. He would need a full size bigger in the Classic fit as he is a football player.