Difference Between Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel vs Springer Spaniel

Cockers and springer are hard-core hunting dogs with tender and reputable characters. However, dog lovers often wonder which the better breed over other is, but the proper dog breed for a particular owner depends largely on the available resources and the potential to give the dog a good company. Based on the temperaments and physical requirements of cocker spaniel and springer spaniel, the proper breed for a particular dog lover could be decided.

Cocker Spaniel

There are two breeds of cocker spaniels (aka cockers) known as American Cocker spaniel and English Cocker spaniel. The breed standards are strictly observed for the both cocker breeds. However, the English cocker is known as the Cocker spaniel in UK, and the Kennel Club identified it as a breed in 1892. The American Kennel Club recognized the American cocker spaniel as a breed in 1878. Each kennel club is highly particular about the breed characteristics especially about the heights and weights. The American cockers are smaller and slightly lighter than the English cockers. A male English cocker is 39 – 41 centimetres tall while a female measures 38 – 39 centimetres at the withers. Heights at withers are 37 – 39 centimetres and 34 – 37 centimetres in respectively male and female American cocker spaniels. The shaping of the back is slanted in more American cockers than in their English cousins. The hind legs of English cocker spaniel are straight while American counterparts have a slanted pair of hind legs. Cocker spaniels are available in a range of colours with or without patterns. Their colourations include golden, red, and black with tan. However, it would not be complete without stating the characteristic drooping ears of the cockers.

Springer Spaniel

Springer spaniels are of two main types known as English and Welsh based on the countries of origin. However, a springer spaniel is about 43 – 48 centimetres tall at their withers, but the English springer males are taller than others are with about 51 centimetres being the average height. It would be important to notice the droopiness of the ears is less in springers than in cockers. Additionally, the ears are set at a slightly higher position on the head compared to English cockers. The long muzzle of springer spaniels has less prominent eyes. The temperaments of springer spaniels are mainly friendly and obedient. They are readily obey commands and love to please the owners. Springers are highly affectionate but very alert about concerned situations. Therefore, springer spaniels make themselves ideal companions with love and protection. They have exhibited their importance as a working and hunting dog, as well.

What is the difference between Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel?

• Both breeds of springers were originated in Great Britain while the two cocker breeds are from England and the United States.

• Springer spaniels are slightly larger and heavier than cocker spaniels.

• Ears are set higher in springers than in cockers.

• The ears are more droopy in cocker spaniels than in springer Spaniels.