Difference Between Collie and Border Collie

Collie vs Border Collie

Colies, being a group of popular herding dogs originated in the Great Britain, there are many distinctive breeds of them. Border collie is one of the famous breeds of collies, and it would be interesting to explore the distinction of them among all the collies as discussed in this article.


Collie is a collection of dog breeds developed as herding dogs, and it is originated in Scotland and Northern England. Collies generally include small to medium sized lightly built dog breeds, but they are strong and active. Usually, they range from 10 to 20 kilograms in their bodyweights. They all have a characteristically pointed snout. However, the fur could be different depending on the type of the collie; it could be long, short, rough, or smooth. The characteristics of the tail would be important to consider, and it could be smooth, feathered, bushy, and sometimes docked. Collies have a range of colours and colourations, both among breeds and individuals of the same breed. Usually, they could be black, black-and-tan, red, red-and-tan, or sable with white bellies and shoulders. Australian cattle dog, Bordaussie, Beared collie, Rough collies, Smooth collies, Shetland sheepdogs, and Border collies are some of the major Collie types.

Border collie

Border collies originated in England and Scotland, and they are excellent herding dogs with a great intelligence. They are medium sized dogs with a moderate fur coat. Adult male measures about 46 to 58 centimetres of height at withers and has an average body weight around 23 kilograms. Border collies come in many colours, although black and white is the most common colouration. They have beautiful eyes with different colours those vary from brown to amber or red, and sometimes heterochromia is present in Border collies. The shapes of ears also differ among individuals, as some dogs have erected ears and some have drooping ears. They have a long bushy tail that directs downwards. These dogs have a medium sized muzzle, and an average musculature to the body size and length. Usually, Border collies require good daily exercises and a satisfied mental stimulation. They are good runners and can run more than 80 kilometres a day. Their average lifespan is about 12 years, and they were the first practical working sheepdog, and after that, it became a loyal and affectionate house pet.

Collie vs Border collie

• Collie is not a breed but a collection, whereas Border collie is one of the collie breeds.

• Being a separate breed, the characteristics of Border collies are defined, but there are no specific characteristics of collies vary with the breed in general.

• Heterochromia is present among Border collies but not in all collies.

• Usually, all the collies have a pointed muzzle, but Border collies have a medium size muzzle.

• Border collies are swift runners, and they can outrun any other collie breed with the speed.