Difference Between Concave and Convex

Concave vs Convex

Any object that has a curvature is either convex or concave. Convex and concave curves are useful to us human beings and are used by manufacturers to make products that make things easier for us in life. However, there are many differences between the two types of curves that will be discussed in this article.

Let us first see what we mean by convex and concave. To give the most common examples, a spherical ball has a convex surface while a spoon or a bowl that we use in our daily lives have concave surface. Thus concave is a curve that extends inward whereas convex is a curve that extends outward. You would find a bulge in case of convex curve whereas there would be a hollow structure in case of concave curve. In a lighter vein a concave curve is preferred as far as shapes of human body are considered and a convex shape gives the appearance of a fat person.

Spoons and bowls are given a hollow shape so that one can hold the recipe in the concave curve. Even a beverage bottle is given a concave shape on the neck so as to allow people to hold them comfortably. In some cases manufacturers make use of both convex as well as concave curves to make products more useful for us. Electronic gadgets that we use in daily life are accordingly given these curves so as to be compatible with our hands.

The compact lenses that are made for those having a weak eye sight are convex on the outer side and concave on the other so as to fit snugly on the spherical pupil that human beings have. Probably the best use of the feature of concave and convex curves is made in case of mirrors and lenses that we use in daily life. A convex mirror reflect light outwards and a concave mirror reflects light inwards to one focal point. While lenses are used in case of poor eyesight, concave mirrors are used in automobiles to allow the driver to have a larger view of vehicles coming from behind than is possible with plain mirrors.

Concave vs Convex

• Convex and concave are curves that are found in 3D objects

• Convex curve moves outward while concave curve extends inward.

• These curves are made use of to make objects that are easier to use by human beings.