Difference Between Condensed and Evaporated Milk

Condensed vs Evaporated Milk

Condensed and evaporated milk originally came from cow’s milk. These two had undergone various methods or processes so that they can be stored and used for longer periods of time. In this way, spoilage may still happen, but it won’t happen in the next days.

Condensed Milk

Condensed Milk, called as sweetened condensed milk, came from the cow’s milk wherein water is removed and sugar is added, which produced a really thick, sweet item and when canned could last for a couple of years without being refrigerated and remain unopened. Condensed milk is ideal in making various desserts and pastries. This is very famous in Russia and is known for the name “сгущёнка,” (read as sguschyonka, which literally means “that is/which is thickened.”

Evaporated Milk

Evaporated Milk, also termed as dehydrated milk, is a refrigerated canned milk product where 60% of water is removed from the fresh milk. This milk is almost equivalent to fresh milk. When the liquid product is combined with a balanced sum of water, milk then becomes a rough counterpart of fresh milk. This made dehydrated milk ideal for shipping and may have a shelf-life of years or months. For this reason, evaporated milk is a reliable and safe alternative for unpreserved fresh milk. This is also used in most households for desserts as another choice for pouring cream.

The process of creating condensed milk is through various processes where a large amount of liquid is separated, and sugar is added. As for Evaporated milk, one half of the water from the cow’s milk is evaporated then it is being homogenized, canned and then sterilized. Condensed milk has a lesser process than evaporated milk. Condensed milk is much sweeter since it is added with sugar while evaporated milk is a rough equivalent of fresh milk. Condensed milk is used on desserts as an additional sweetener while evaporated milk is utilized as an alternative for creamer when used on desserts.

Condensed and evaporated milk are very essential in both their ways. The two have longer shelf-life which allows you to use it not at the exact moment. Always remember to check expiry date when using these products.

In brief:

• Condensed and evaporated milk originated from cow’s milk.

• Condensed milk is made by removing water and adding sugar.

• Evaporated milk is made through evaporation and undergoes other processes before being canned.