Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance

Confidence vs Arrogance


Between the two words Confidence and Arrogance, a number of differences can be identified. Trying to make this difference between arrogance and confidence can be very difficult for many people. This is because of many similarities between these two concepts. In fact, there are people who think they are just being confident, but never realize that they have crossed the thin dividing line between confidence and arrogance. Simply confidence can be understood as the trust or faith that a person has to someone, something, or of himself. Arrogance, on the other hand, refers to the exaggeration of a person’s importance and abilities. This highlights the basic difference differences between confidence and arrogance. Let us take a closer look at these two attributes to help people become more confident without becoming arrogant.

What is Confidence?

Belief in one’s abilities leads to confidence. A confident person is one who knows he has certain areas of strength. A confident person feels confident from inside; he does not necessarily pour out his knowledge or competence. Though they are also human beings, and they too feel good when told they are better at some things than others, and they too find gratification in validation, but they are not dependent upon this gratification. They try to be of use with their talent, and they succeed at the task at hand because of their ability. Unlike an arrogant person, a confident person is aware of both his strengths as well as areas of weaknesses and accepts them gracefully.

Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance- Confidence

What is Arrogance?

When paying attention to the term arrogance, it can also be interpreted as a belief in one’s abilities. But this is a rather exaggerated version. The difference between Confidence and Arrogance lies in the fact that this or that ability is used to look down upon others. Arrogant people can be seen at all places. They are those who think less of others or someone in their surroundings. These are people who can be seen correcting flaws of others or showing them the right way of doing things. An arrogant person is more interested in being proven right than being happy. In a discussion, they go all out to prove they are right by dismissing other’s arguments. To be proven right is the most important objective for such people, even if this comes at the cost of reducing other’s status or making them feel lesser. Unlike a confident person, an arrogant person is dependent on validation. Thus, the difference between a confident and an arrogant person is not on abilities, but of having a calm control over oneself. An arrogant person tries to belittle others by displaying his abilities while a confident person displays his abilities only in case of genuine need. There is a school of thought that arrogance stems from a sense of insecurity, and a person is arrogant to compensate for areas of weakness that cause distress for such a person. Arrogance breeds superiority, and often an arrogant person becomes unbearable to have in one’s life. This is why, it is difficult for arrogant people to make long lasting relationships. On the other hand, a confident person is not competing with others all the time and having a confident person as a friend or partner is a comfortable position to be in.Even the body language of an arrogant person is different from that of a confident person. There are an excessive swagger and a commanding posture and demeanor that is a result of arrogance. Confidence, on the other hand, gives a pleasing personality and an open posture that is liked by most people.

Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance- Arrogance

What is the Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance?

  • Arrogance breeds superiority, while confidence makes others comfortable.
  • Arrogance may be a way to suppress feelings of insecurity for other areas of weakness.
  • Confident person takes into his stride both strengths and weaknesses.
  • Arrogance feels good by making others feel lesser.
  • Confidence is an attribute liked by others.


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