Difference Between Confidence and Self-Confidence

Confidence vs Self-Confidence

The difference between the two terms confidence and self-confidence can be easily distinguished when we are aware of the meaning of both terms. Confidence is the trust or assurance that someone has. Self-Confidence is the assurance that a person has to his self. So the main difference between the two stem from confidence being a more general term, which we can direct towards another human being or object. Self-confidence is directed towards the very person. This may be a bit confusing. Through this article, we attempt to provide an understanding of these two terms while emphasizing the difference.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is when a person has trust or faith in another. This can be another person or else even an object. For example, let’s say we say, ‘I am confident that she will win the race.’ This means that the speaker is confident of another person. But, this can also be attributed to objects. For example, an inventor creates a flying object. When inquired of its ability to fly steadily without falling down, the inventor replies ‘I am confident that it will fly.’ This suggests that the inventor has faith in his creation. Having confidence is an essential quality for human beings in various scenarios. This is because, if we do not have confidence in others and their abilities, it is difficult to have good relations with others. For example, if a team leader does not have confidence in his team members, it will become a great barrier for both the leader and the members when achieving goals. This is why in industrial settings confidence is of utmost importance. Even with our close ones, if we are not confident or have faith and trust in them, it leads to disputes. Thus, this is a quality that needs to be cultivated by all of us.

Difference Between Confidence and Self-Confidence

‘I am confident that it will fly’

What is Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence is when a person has trust in his abilities and skills. For example, a college student feels confident about her academic potential. This is a case of Self-confidence because it is not directed towards another or an object but oneself. Having confidence in one’s self is very beneficial as it allows the person to reach his highest potential. Sometimes, even when people have the ability, they do not make productive use of it. This is because such people lack self-confidence. They are not sure about their talents and doubt themselves. This can hinder the success of an individual. However, having self-confidence does not mean that the person is complete. Even a self-confident person has flaws and weaknesses, but they are aware of them and know how to channel them to their advantage.

 Confidence vs Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is when a person has trust in his abilities and skills

What is the difference between Confidence and Self-Confidence?

• Confidence is when a person has trust or faith in another.

• Self-Confidence is when a person has trust in his abilities and skills.

• Confidence is directed towards another person or an object, but self-confidence is directed towards oneself.


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