Difference Between Convention and Conference

Convention vs Conference

Convention and Conference are two words that are often confused when it comes to their meanings and connotations. Convention refers to a gathering. On the other hand, conference refers to a seminar or a symposium. This is the main difference between the two words.

A convention is held to commemorate an event or a milestone, and it is held once in a few years. On the other hand, a conference is held to exhibit scholarship on any given subject. This is another important difference between the two words. Convention normally targets a particular section of people. Conventions such as youth convention, student convention, and the like target particular sections of people like the youth and the students respectively.

On the other hand, the word conference refers to paper reading in seminars. In other words, scholars in various subjects read out papers, especially research papers during a conference. For example, in a conference on ‘growing trends in fashion’, the researchers in the field of fashion technology will present or read papers on various papers prepared by them. This will help the student community, which would come to attend the seminar or conference as participants.

On the other hand, participants in a convention would discuss various matters related to the title or the theme of the convention. There will be group discussions, stage plays, and other types of interactions between participants and the like during a convention. On the other hand, group discussions, stage plays, and the like are not held during conferences. Most conferences are usually research oriented in nature.

Volunteers take part in large numbers in conventions. On the other hand, participants take part in large numbers in a conference. The paper presenters are also called by the name ‘delegates’. The duty of the delegates is to present their papers and answer the questions raised by the participants at the end of the reading sessions.

A convention does not have reading sessions. On the other hand, it has a number of innovative programs that encourage the participants and the volunteers to interact and discuss. A convention is a platform for discussion, whereas a conference is a platform for gaining knowledge.

A convention is usually held for a period of one week or one and a half weeks. On the other hand, the duration of a conference is not a long one like that of a convention. Conferences are held for a period of one day to a maximum of three days. The organizer of a conference is called as a director. He is the director of the entire conference. His duty is to organize a conference in a meticulous way.

Convention, on the other hand, is organized by not an individual but a society or an organization or a club for that matter. In the case of prolonged conventions, accommodation is provided to the chief guests and other dignitaries who attend the convention. The same is true even for a conference. These are the important differences between convention and conference.

  • dawesi

    I think that the above definitions no longer are valid in today’s context. Many conferences having nothing to do with ‘reading a paper’, or by people even ever written a paper. The first idea is correct, the expansion of the idea is where intellectualism and idealism takes over and confuses the issue with personal thoughts, rather than definitions.