Difference Between Courier and Cargo

Courier vs Cargo

Courier and Cargo are modes of sending a parcel from one place to another. Though both are meant for same purpose, there are a number of differences between courier and cargo.

One of the main differences between courier and cargo is the time taken to deliver the goods or parcels to the other person living in the other country or state. Cargo is a slower process when compared to courier.

In other words it can be said that courier delivers smaller parcels like documents much quicker than cargo. Courier service specializes in the art of delivering parcels in quick time. On the other hand cargo delivers parcels quite slowly.

It is generally understood by people that one can save a lot of time when one sends parcels by courier rather than by cargo. On the other hand you should use cargo when the objects or things to be delivered to the other place are bulky and huge. It is for sure that in such cases cargo is the safer method of delivering packages or things.

Cargo ensures the safety of the things. Courier does not guarantee the non-occurrence of wear and tear of the things sent to the other country or destination. For example a document can get mutilated or torn before it could reach the person to whom it is sent in the case of courier service.

On the contrary the thing never becomes mutilated or disfigured in the case of cargo service. Cargo service thus guarantees the non-occurrence of wear and tear of the things sent by customers.

It is important to note that cargo service generally handle more number of things to be delivered. Courier on the other hand can handle less number of things or packages to the delivered.