Difference Between Courier and Regular Mail

Courier vs Regular Mail

Courier and regular mail are two kinds of postal service that are extensively used by the people. They show some differences between them in terms of their method of operation and service.

In the olden days people truly depended on the traditional mailing service to get their letter and packages delivered. The regular mail was very much in vogue until the courier system was introduced. We all may think that delivering package is expensive via courier but less expensive through the regular mail service. It is not true.

It is interesting to note that the courier industry has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of service and hence there is a tough and healthy competition among the courier services. The quality has also been increasing day by day. The quality of the regular mail is also on the rise but it is not noticed due to the extensive use of the courier service.

Sending packages is a cumbersome process when done through the regular mail service in a post office. You would often find long queues too. On the other hand sending the packages is very easy when it comes to sending them by courier service. In some cases the people from the courier service center would come to your home and pick up the package.

In other words it can be said that courier service allows pick-up service from the customer’s doorstep. In the case of the regular mail service the facility of doorstep pick-up is not seen.

The other important difference between courier and regular mail services is that the prices associated with regular mail is constant whatever the post office. On the other hand since there is a healthy competition going among the courier service centers, you would be offered different prices too for their service.