Difference Between Craft and Fine Art

Craft vs Fine Art

Craft and Fine art are two terms that are often confused when it comes to their application. They may appear to give the same meaning, but actually they are two different words that convey different senses.

The word ‘craft’ is generally used in the sense of ‘skill’ or ‘expertise’. Craft refers to an object that is created with the primary motive of decoration. Any object of decoration that may be used in homes may be called craft. On the other hand, fine art refers to the art that needs creativity to produce. It includes painting and drawing.

It is indeed true that fine art appeals to the human mind. On the other hand, craft may not appeal to the human mind. It is at the most useful in decorating your living place or any other area for that matter. This is the main difference between the two words, namely craft and fine art.

It is important to know that the field of fine arts has several branches namely, drawing, oil painting, water coloring, acrylic painting, architecture, sculpture, ink drawing, pencil drawing, charcoal drawing, music, dance, drama and the like. On the other hand, craft does not have many divisions. It is indeed the creations made on pottery, mats, screens and the like to add charm to the decorative aspect of an object.

Designs, posters, logos etc fall under the category of craft, whereas painting and drawing fall under the category of fine art. Hence, it is indeed possible to have both of them at one place. For example, imagine viewing a pot that has a wonderful painting on its surface coupled with various designs and creative patters. The designs and the patterns come under craft, whereas the painting on the surface of the pot comes under fine art.

Earlier there was no distinction maintained between the two words, but in the course of time artists and craftsmen drew a line of distinction between craft and fine art. A person who is keen on creating patterns, logos and designs is called a craftsman. On the other hand, a person who is keen on drawing pictures of human beings and animals and is keen on applying colors on them is called by the name of painter. Both of them join together sometimes to create great art pieces. These are the differences between the two terms, namely craft and fine art.