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Difference Between Creativity and Innovation

Creativity vs Innovation

Although both the terms creativity and innovation may look alike in sense, there is difference between the two. Creativity is the act of conceiving or imagining something original. Innovation on the other hand is implementation of something new or novel. It can be the implementation of a novel idea too.

Creativity is a term that is often used in literature. Innovation is the term often used in management. Your innovative ideas may lead to a finding of a new product or a concept in the business of a firm. It is important to note that a creative idea sometimes turns into innovation.

It is interesting to note that every invention in the scientific world is the result of innovation. Thomas Alva Edison was innovative to make many scientific inventions. Every innovation on the other hand is not an invention. It has to come from within. Invention has to come from without. In the same way creativity also has to come from within.

In literary terms a poet must have creativity to produce a masterpiece. William Shakespeare was creative enough to produce masterpieces like Macbeth and Julius Caesar. Creativity depends on two important factors, namely the will of God and practice. You need to practice a lot before writing a new novel or a poem. Practice involves reference and study as well.

Innovation is not dependent on the will of God and practice as it has to come directly from within. Innovation on the other hand depends more on observation. Hence it can be said that innovation is practical whereas creativity is all about experience. Innovation comes handy in every aspect of business. In short it can be said that every aspect of business operation is about innovation.

Creativity on the other hand arises out of the continuous flow of artistic thoughts in the minds of the artists such as painters, writers and musicians. They are also called creators.


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