Difference Between Crow and Raven

Crow vs Raven

Crows belong to a family of birds known as Corvidae that includes ravens, magpies and jays. So if you are confused between crow and raven, remember that a crow can be a raven, jay or magpie but all ravens are not essentially crows. Though similar as both are black, there are many differences between crows and ravens that include difference in appearance, their behavior as well as habitat. This article will attempt to remove any confusion in the minds of the readers regarding a crow and a raven.

To begin with, there are differences in their physical appearances. While a crow measures 17-21 inches with a wingspan of 33-39 inches, a raven is large with a measurement of 22-27 inches and a wingspan of 46 inches. A crow weighs about 11-21 Ounces whereas a raven weighs 24-57 Ounces. Thus a raven is considerably larger bird than a crow. Though both raven and crow are black in color, ravens feathers are shiny and have a tinge of purple when observed in bright sunlight. On the other hand, a crow has all black feathers .There are difference is the shape of their tails also. A raven’s tail is triangular in shape while a crow’s tail is square and even in shape. You will be surprised to know that a crow has a lifespan of 8 years while a raven might live up to 30 years.

Listen to the sounds made by two birds. If you hear a caw, it is a crow whereas if you hear a croaking sound, it is a raven. A crow has a smaller bill than a raven that also has a shaggy throat. While the bill of crow has a downward curve, raven’s bill goes parallel. If you watch the two birds in their flights, you will see that a raven does somersaults while a crow never does so.

The behavior of a raven is different from a crow. While a raven is a scavenger and follows predators to devour on leftovers, a crow mostly snoops down to the ground and picks up eatables from the litter. Crows search for food in groups while raven hunts alone. Crows are not that afraid of human beings and you can spot them in gardens, roads, electric poles and even perched atop buildings. But ravens shy away from humans and are found in the woods and hills.

Crows are enemies of farmers as they are notorious for destroying crops. Ravens are rarely seen in farmers’ fields. There are many varieties of both crows and ravens.

Difference Between Crow and Raven

• Though both are black, ravens are larger than crows and also heavier

• Crows have a smaller lifespan than ravens who can live up to 30 years

• Crows are easily spotted in cities whereas ravens are mostly found in woods and hills

• Crows make a caw sound while ravens croak

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