Difference Between Cruiser and Longboard

Cruiser vs Longboard

Cruiser and Longboard are terms used for two different types of skateboards. Skateboarding is a thrilling outdoor sport that allows a person to ride onto a skateboard and cover distances propelling himself on these wooden structures fitted with wheels. So basically both cruiser and Longboard are skateboards with minor differences in shapes and design. There are also differences in their functionalities, in addition to differences in appearance, and these differences will be talked about in this article.


Cruiser is a type of skateboard that is also referred to as a short-board, probably in deference to the already popular Longboard skateboard. The designing of a cruiser is such that it is best suited to travel across level terrains. However, people who are experts in skateboarding move easily using these cruisers across mild slopes and hilly terrains too.

Many adventurous students use cruisers as their mode of transport as they glide upon these skates and reach college in a short time period. The reason why students love cruisers is because of their compact size allowing them to fit them inside their backpacks. The width of a cruiser is around 8 inches while it is not more than 32 inches long. The trucks of a cruiser are made from titanium or aluminum, to keep the overall weight of the cruiser down. The diameter of the wheels of a cruiser is also small, not more than 58mm in size.


Longboard skateboard looks a giant in comparison to a cruiser. It is designed to move swiftly down a hill. In fact, a Longboard can allow a person to attain very high speeds downhill proving to be an effective mode of transport. While the width of the wooden deck of a Longboard is the same as that of a cruiser (8 inches), it is the length of the Longboard that makes it look very different.

A Longboard is available in many different lengths, and all of them are more than 32 inches long. While 40-44 inches long Longboards are common, it is not uncommon to find 60 and even 90 inches long Longboard. The wheels of Longboard are heavier and have a diameter more than 58mm, in some cases even being up to 90mm.

What is the difference between a Cruiser and Longboard?

• Both Longboard and Cruiser are types of skateboards.

• Longboard is longer than Cruiser.

• Longboard is designed for movement down the slopes and hilly terrains while Cruiser is ideal for moving across level terrains.

• Longboard has heavier wheels than Cruiser.

• Wheels of Longboard are made from stainless steel, whereas wheels of Cruiser are made from aluminum or titanium, to keep the overall weight low.

• College students make use of Cruiser as a mode of transport if they live in level terrain.