Difference Between Crush and Admire

Key Difference – Crush vs Admire

Crush and admire are two words that go together between which a difference can be highlighted. We all have had a crush or felt an admiration towards someone at some point in our lives. A crush is when we feel attracted to someone for a short period, due to a special feature of that person or even a special ability. On the other hand, admire or admiration is felt when we respect or are drawn to a specific quality of an individual. The key difference between crush and admire is that an admiration can last for a longer period, even a lifetime, but a crush usually does not. It fades away quickly. Through this article let us examine the differences between the two words, crush and admire, in depth.

What is a Crush?

A crush is a physical attraction that an individual feels towards another. A crush does not last for a long time and often fades away. Among teenagers, crushes are quite common. This attraction towards another can be due to many reasons. It can be due to the appearance of the individual, personality or even a specific talent that the individual has which makes him or her stand out.

Let us take an example and comprehend the nature of a crush. Imagine you see a beautiful girl in class. She looks beautiful, and you feel drawn towards her. You might not know what it is about her that draws you, whether it is the way she dresses, or the way she speaks, or the way she puts her hair, but you feel drawn. You feel a rush of emotion as this person enters the class. You desire to talk to this person and get to know her, but you feel anxious. This is a typical situation of a crush. The important thing to remember is that a crush fades away. You will not continue to feel this towards the individual forever; on the contrary you begin to lose interest.

A person can have crushes towards many individuals. It is not like falling in love. It quickly changes. You can have a crush on a person because he has a special talent as well. It does not necessarily have to do with appearance. For example, most girls in school have a crush on the boys who play sports, guitar, etc. Now let us move on to the next word admire.

Difference Between Crush and Admire

Crush may be due to the way she smiles or the way she puts her hair

What is to Admire?

Now that we have understood that a crush is a temporary attraction that the individual feels towards another, let us comprehend what is to admire an individual. For that, first, let us define the term. Admiration can be defined either as great respect towards someone or else to look at with pleasure. When focusing on the first meaning, we all have so many people in our lives that we admire ranging from parents to friends. It can even be a partner. Admiration in this sense lays the foundation to maintaining and developing a great bond between two people as they learn to admire one another for their qualities.

In admiration, the emphasis is more on the qualities of the person rather than on the physical appearance. Imagine a person that you admire truly such as a parent, a teacher, a famous figure etc. You respect and look up to this person and feel inspired by this individual for his qualities. Admiration, unlike in the case of a crush, is not temporary. It can last a lifetime. However, when focusing on the second meaning, a person’s beauty can be admired. This highlights that there is a clear difference between a crush and admiration.

 Crush vs Admire Key Difference

What is the Difference Between Crush and Admire?

Definitions of Crush and Admire:

Crush: A crush is a physical attraction that an individual feels towards another.

Admire: Admiration can be defined either as great respect towards someone, or else to look at with pleasure.

Characteristics of Crush and Admire:


Crush: A crush is temporary and fades away quickly.

Admire: An admiration lasts for a longer period.


Crush: In a crush the focus is on physical appearance.

Admire: When admiring it goes beyond mere physicality and captures the inner qualities of the individual.


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