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Difference Between Day and Date

Day vs Date

Day and Date are two words that are often confused as far as their usage is concerned. In fact these two words have different usages. The word ‘day’ refers to any particular day in the week. On the other hand the word ‘date’ refers to ‘the number of the day in a particular month’. This is the main difference between day and date.

Observe the two sentences:

1. She is returning back from London on Wednesday.

2. You have to go there on Friday.

In both the sentences given above you can find that the words ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Friday’ represent the days of the week.

Sometimes the word ‘day’ is used in words such as ‘today’, ‘yesterday’ and the like as in the sentences:

1. I went to the Church yesterday.

2. I want to go there today.

In both the sentences given above the words ‘yesterday’ and ‘today’ are used in the sense of ‘day’. This is the important usage of the word ‘day’.

Observe the two sentences:

1. Tomorrow is the 15th of March.

2. I will come to your house on 25th February.

In both the sentences given above the words ‘15th of March’ and ‘25th February’ represent the dates of the calendar of the year.

It is important to know that both the day and the date are important in the astrological point of view. Hence astrologers give importance to both the day and the date when studying about the behavior of the planets on human life. Date is important to determine the length of the month and also the remaining part of the month as from the sentence ‘Today is 20th of March’. It suggests that there are only 10 days left in the month. These are the differences between the two words, day and date.


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