Difference Between Day and Night

Day vs Night

Since time immemorial, man had adapted well to differences between day and night. Electricity has been around for just over 150 years, and before that, for thousands of years, sunset declared an end to nearly all activities and time to rest till sunrise took place again in morning. Humans have a body clock that has got used to rest at night and work at daytime. Besides obvious differences of light and darkness, there are many more differences between day and night that will be discussed in this article.

Warmth and comfort are two attributes of day, while cold and darkness are associated with night. This is obviously because of the presence of sun during daytime, and its absence during nights. Daytime is familiar to all of us as our activities are centered on the time of the day. Every area surrounding us, whether it is the road in front of our house or the machinery in our factory looks familiar in daytime. But the same objects and places look totally unfamiliar during night as we are not used to seeing them during nights. So while everything is familiar during day, it seems we are in a strange world during nights.

Whatever we learn is during daytime while nights are for rest and relax. We work hard during daytime, while night is meant for dreaming when we are fast asleep. Day is for learning and establishing our mastery over crafts and other tasks. On the other hand, nights are mostly spent fantasizing with lights turned off and lying on our beds. There are scores of stimuli for our brain during day time, whereas lack of stimuli during night makes us go into a sleep. Sleep gives us relaxation that also becomes necessary because of our hard work during day time. Growing kids are always fearful of nights, and feel assured and confident during day time. Nights thus, breed fear and anxiety in minds of humans, whereas day brings security and confidence in its wake. Aloneness during nights is more stressful for human beings than solitude at day time. The same sounds, shadows, and movements that are of no consequence and easily avoided during day time become a source of concern and breed worries and fears in our minds. It is no surprise then that serious patients and those having faced accident confront more pain and feel more ill during nights than during daytime.

What is the difference between Day and Night?

• Day means light, night means darkness

• Day means work and all activities, whereas night connoted rest and sleep

• Everything seems familiar during daytime, while same things look unfamiliar at night

• Confidence and security are associated with day, whereas nights breed insecurity and fear.