Difference Between Deadlift and Romanian Deadlift

Romanian Deadlift vs Deadlift

Deadlift is one of the most popular bodybuilding exercises done with the help of weights. A barbell is lifted off the ground up to the level of stretched hands in a standing position. This weight lifting exercise is believed to be a great exercise for strengthening different muscle groups of the body. There is a similar weightlifting exercise followed in Romania, called Romanian Deadlift that confuses many when they start to take up this exercise for building their muscles. This article attempts to find out the differences between a Deadlift and a Romanian Deadlift to remove all doubts from the minds of the budding bodybuilders.


If you aspire to become a bodybuilder, the coach or the other books on bodybuilding will tell you that Deadlift is the most important weightlifting exercise for you along with bench press and squat. A Deadlift is so called as it begins with a dead weight that remains stationary on the ground and the individual attempts to lift it up to the level of his waist by achieving erect posture. Deadlift looks simple as you only have to lift the weight up to your waist, but actually it is tough to perform.

Romanian Deadlift

Romanian Deadlift (RDL) is a variation of the conventional Deadlift that starts from the weight in the hands of the standing individual and ends with the weight down to the level of the bent hips of the lifter. The credit to start this variation goes to Nicu Vlad from Romania and hence the name of the exercise. It does not require you to lift the weight off the floor but rather bring it down from your waist level and then back again. It is like bending your back to get your butts out and then straight again.

Romanian Deadlift vs Deadlift

• Deadlift is the most common of weightlifting exercises used to build body mass.

• Deadlift is so called as the individual lifts deadweight from the ground up to his waist level.

• Romanian Deadlift is a variation that was started by a Romanian Nicu Vlad in 1990.

• RDL starts with weight off the floor in the hands of the individual standing erect.

• In RDL, the lifter takes his butt out as he lowers the barbell to the base of his foot and then straightens as he stands up.

• The focus of the exercise in RDL is on gluteus and hamstring while Deadlift emphasizes the quadriceps.