Difference Between Delta Airlines and American Airlines

Delta Airlines vs American Airlines

Delta Airlines and American Airlines are two Airliner services that provide good service to the customers in different ways. Both of them are indeed viewed upon differently by the customers. American Airlines was the winner of the Gay Travel Award for the best airline in 2010 and Delta Airline was the first runner up.

It is true that Delta Airlines provides extra perks and comforts to its customers. As a result customers deem it a pleasure to fly on Delta Airlines. American Airlines provides its customers a great travel experience which they cannot forget.

Some of the perks provided by Delta Airlines to its passengers include exemption from direct ticket fees, vacation packages, online booking bereft of charges and other offers that grant bonus miles to travel. On the other hand American Airlines presents its customers with various offers too including dollar-rent-a-car, fly now payment plan and varieties of vacation packages to choose from.

There are three classes of travel in the Delta Airlines. They are Business Elite, First Class and Economy Class. On the other hand American Airlines provides its passengers with three cabins, namely, the First Class Cabin, the Business Class Cabin and the Coach Cabin. Seat pitch and seat width are almost same in both airlines.

It is interesting to note that Delta Airlines provides Wi-Fi access to its customers on short haul flights and in few of the long haul flights, in addition to other forms of entertainment during travel. On the other hand American Airlines provide more power ports for your mobile gadgets than any other airliner for that matter. They too provide other entertainment too during travel.

It is important to know that in addition to the wonderful power ports the American Airlines provide nice storage bins overhead. These bins are large enough to keep many of your personal belongings.

It is quite amazing to know that Delta Airlines takes its passengers to a large number of destinations in the world. To be more precise you can say that as many as 900 destinations are covered by the Delta Airlines. On the other hand American Airlines covers as many as 250 cities in about 40 countries.

As a matter of fact rates are affordable in both the airlines. It is good to know that customer service also is up to the mark both in the case of Delta Airlines and American Airlines. There has always been a choice made by the passengers when it comes to traveling by Delta Airlines and American Airlines. The truth is that both the airlines are equally popular among the travelers and passengers.