Difference Between Developed and Developing Countries

Developed vs Developing Countries

A variety of terms such as developed, developing, less developed, underdeveloped, undeveloped are used to classify countries according to their economic status based on per capita income, industrialization, literacy rate, living standards etc. IMF and World Bank have statistical measures for the convenience of classification, though there are no definitions for this classification and many developing and under or undeveloped countries are critical of this terminology.

Developed countries have industrial growth, whereas developing countries depend on the developed countries for help to establish their industries. Developed countries enjoy flourishing economy, whereas developing countries begin to taste the growth of economy.

Developed countries experience marked development and growth in the areas such as transportation, business and education. Developing countries are in the beginning stages of development in the areas of education, business and transportation.

Developing countries are characterized by many shortcomings. These shortcomings include less awareness regarding matters relating to health, poor amenities, shortage in water supply, shortcoming in the area of medical supply, a higher rate of birth rate. The most important and worrying factor in the developing countries is the factor of poor nutrition. Poor nutrition to both mothers and infants is the main concern in the developing countries. Due to high birth rates, the probability of natural diseases is more in developing countries. Hence the death rates are also eventually high in developing countries.

Since natural diseases increase by high rates in the developing countries, they will have short population doubling time. This is not the case with developed countries. Developed countries are characterized by a low death rate and low birth rate as well. There is usually a very small gap between the two rates in developed countries.

In the case of developing countries there is usually a big gap between the birth rate and the death rate. Infant mortality factor is influenced by the development factor of countries. A developing country for that matter would have higher infant mortality than a developed country.

Developed countries are not characterized by shortcomings. They are well-developed in all fronts and are served well by water supplies, amenities, educational institutions, health care concerns. This is because of the fact that people are endowed with awareness about every possible aspect relating to human existence. The absence of shortcomings in the developed countries is possibly due to the fact there is a low birth rate in these countries. Nutrition is available in plenty to mothers and infants in developed countries.

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