Difference Between Dice and Die

Dice vs Die

If you have played a game of chance, you know the main toll with which it is played. It happens to be a small cubical object with numbers from 1-6 written in the form of dots called pips on different dies and the object can come to rest on any one of the six sides when thrown. It is called a die though in general, people talk of throwing dice instead of die. This is why people remain confused between the die and dice. Let us see if there is any difference between a die and dice or not.


Die is the cube that is used to play games of chance. A player, when it is his turn, rolls a die and makes moves on the board game according to the number that turns up on the die. However, in spoken English, many are not even aware of the existence of the word die as they call it dice, not knowing that dice is the plural of die which is what is rolled in a game of chance.


Dice is a word that is plural of die and must be used only when there are more than one die thrown together. However, in practice, it is dice for the players even if they are making use of a single piece in a game of chance.

What is the difference between Dice and Die?

• There is no difference between a die and dice except that dice is the plural of a single die.

• Die has been cast. This is a correct sentence as it uses die when a single piece is used in a game of chance.

• However, in practice, people use the word dice even when they are using a single die.