Difference Between Discrete and Discreet

Discrete vs Discreet

Though both terms, discreet and discrete, sound similar, there is some difference between discrete and discreet. Both, discrete and discreet, have their individual meanings. Discreet is to be tactful or careful in one’s action and discrete is to be distinct or separate. Both words have derived from the Latin term discretus, which means to separate. Some may think that both words have similar meanings but according to the context that they are used we can distinguish the different meanings. Both terms function as adjectives in their usages.

What does Discreet mean?

The word discreet is defined in the Oxford dictionary as to be careful in what you say or do, in order to keep something like a secret, or to avoid causing embarrassment for somebody. People who are discreet are more diplomatic and they are said to be secretive. Discreet people do not gossip around. As a result, we can have more faith in them. These people do not gossip since they are always careful of what they say and do. Usually, it is said that anybody can rely on these people for secrets. The rich people who do not want to show their wealth to the others can be discreet about their belongings. People try to protect themselves by being discreet. Also, they are not only careful of themselves but they care for the others as well. These people do not like to be embarrassed and they keep away from causing embarrassment for somebody else as well. However, being a discreet person is good in certain instances but sometimes it looks as if the person is trying to be selfish as well.

Difference Between Discrete and Discreet

What does Discrete mean?

Oxford dictionary defines discrete as to be independent of other things of the same type or to be separated. As mentioned above, this term has derived from a Latin term and it originally means “to separate.” Discrete is more like a technical term. For example, we can separate the stages of a work plan of something to comprehend it easier. Then, it becomes a discrete plan. Once we discrete something, we can identify the separate particles individually. The speech sounds that we produce are a collective unit. However, if we want to figure out each sound individually, we can detach the connected sounds to be distinctive. Then they become discrete sound units.

What is the difference between Discrete and Discreet?

The meanings of discreet and discrete can be identified from their used contexts. Even though the words, discrete and discreet, are pronounced similarly and both the terms function as adjectives in their language use, their meanings are totally different.

• Discreet is to be tactful or careful in one’s action and discrete is to be distinct or separate.

• Discreet is mostly used with human characteristics whereas discrete is more like a technical term.

• However, the easiest way to distinguish between the two is to look at the environment that they are used.