Difference Between Divorce and Dissolution

Divorce vs Dissolution

Divorce and Dissolution are two terms that appear similar in meaning and concept but strictly speaking they are not so. They indeed show some differences between them when it comes to legal application.

Divorce is granted by court on the basis of the findings of fault by one party or the other. On the other hand dissolution is a divorce based on no-fault grounds. In other words it can be said that dissolution is not granted by the court on the basis of findings of fault by one party or the other. This is one of the main differences between divorce and dissolution.

The grounds for divorce differ. Various traditional grounds may be cited as factors that initiate divorce. These grounds include adultery, incarceration, excessive cruelty and alienation of affection. On the other hand when the differences of opinion continue to exist between the couple then that makes continuing the marriage impossible and hence they opt for dissolution.

It is important to note that the effects of both divorce and dissolution are quite similar in many ways. When the court passes the order in support of divorce or dissolution, it is true that the court passes orders on all matters concerning the marriage such as alimony, child custody, child support and marital property as well.

It is important to understand that in either case the couple stand separated. Thus divorce and dissolution are similar in their purpose but different in procedure and concept. As a matter of fact couples who wish to end their marriages can go either for divorce or dissolution depending upon their own understanding of the circumstances and the consequences.

In short it can be said that if they wish to go on no-fault ground then they can file dissolution procedure. The court however, does not all allow them to base their petition on anything other than no-fault grounds in case they wish to go for dissolution of marriage. They will have to base their petition in any case on fault grounds to get divorce.

It is a general belief that divorce and dissolution differ from each other in terms of the cost involved too. As a matter of fact the cost involved in divorce is higher when compared to the cost involved in dissolution. This is due to the fact that dissolution is only available when couples request the same relief from the court.