Difference Between Doberman and Beauceron

Doberman vs Beauceron

These two are very similar looking dog breeds, which could sometimes lead an amateur dog lover to misidentify a Beauceron from a Doberman. With their slight resemblance with each other, it would never be a waste to go through some important characteristics about these dogs. This article summarizes most of the important and interesting facts about both Dobermans and Beaucerons.


Doberman is a highly popular and well-known dog breed for their great intelligence. Since they can think fast, the alertness is high. With a high level of intelligence, Dobermans serve as highly loyal companion dogs. Despite their closeness to the owner, Dobermans can be terrifyingly dangerous towards the strangers. The dog breed standards state that purebred Doberman male would be tall between 66 – 72 centimetres and ideally a female should be between 61 and 68 centimetres at their withers. Thus, Dobermans are generally medium to large size dogs.

The body shape of Dobermans is unique with a square framed body, which should measure the height as same as the length. In addition, the lengths of their head, neck, and legs should be proportional to the body. The waist is small and round while the chest area is large and square shaped. Their fur coat is short and soft with a shiny appearance. There are four standard colours present in Dobermans such as black, red, blue, and fawn. However, there are white colour Dobermans as well, which is a result of albinism; they are called albino Dobermans. Their tails are usually docked, and ears are cropped in order to make them look fearsome, but naturally the ears would grow as in Labradors and the tails would be much long. This very impressive dog breed was developed in Germany around 1890. Their importance as a dog breed becomes pronounced with the modern studies proving that they are amongst the most intelligent dog breeds.


Beaucerons become very important as guard and herding dogs due to their high athleticism, intelligence, and fearlessness. Beauceron is a long-lived dog breed that has been categorized as a working dog. They were originated in France, specifically in the Northern areas.

Beaucerons are medium size dogs with standard heights ranging from 61 to 70 centimetres and weights ranging around 30 – 45 kilograms. They have a double coat, which comprises of a soft inner coat and a rough outer coat. The purebred Beaucerons are available in only two colouration patterns such as black with tan and tan with grey. Tanning in the black form and whitening in the tan form are present as dots above the eyes that fade towards the cheeks. Their calmness and gentleness make them good pets. Despite their intelligence, Beaucerons undergo a slower mental and physical development compared to other equivalent breeds. It would be important to notice the double dew claw in the hind legs of these dogs.

What is the difference between Doberman and Beauceron?

• Herding was the main intention of developing Beaucerons, whereas Dobermans were bred for guarding purposes.

• Coat is smooth in Dobermans but rough in Beaucerons.

• Dobermans get their tails docked and ears cropped, but not the Beaucerons.

• Doberman is more intelligent than Beaucerons.

• Dobermans are very common, whereas Beaucerons are highly rare.

• Beaucerons have double dew claw on the hind leg but not in Dobermans.

• The development speeds of mentality and physical features of Beaucerons are slower than in Dobermans.

  • http://www.facebook.com/annette.holbrook Annette Marron Holbrook

    Being a professional dog trainer and having worked with both breeds, I’d have to disagree with the intelligence rating. The Beauceron is much easier to train and work with. The Doberman has been watered down to be a show dog and house pet and has lost most of the working drive, whereas the Beauceron is still used as a herding and working K9 in it’s native country and has maintained the intelligence and trainability needed for those functions.