Difference Between Domain and Hosting

Key Difference – Domain vs Hosting

The key difference between Domain and Hosting is that domain is a unique address of an internet location that help people to reach certain web content whereas hosting is a physical space where the content of the web page is saved and published to enable it to be accessed through the internet.

Domain name and web hosting can sometimes be confusing, especially for a newbie. It is very important to know the difference between the two terms before moving on to create your first website. Domain name can be compared to the address of a house whereas web hosting is the space that is available inside a home.

What is a Domain Name

When a person registers for a domain name, that person will have the sole ownership and rights to the website that is created. This will restrict the outer market from accessing the particular domain.  However, just being an owner of a domain does not mean that you will be able to serve the website to the world. You need a domain name to make the website operative. You’ll also need a web server that is properly configured to support the website. The domain name is similar to the address of a house, and it will need to be registered with a domain registrar.

A domain name can be purchased from a domain registrar, and it is the name of your site or URL ( www.abc.com). The price of a domain name will vary depending on the extension. (.au or .com).  For a website to be displayed on the internet, files need to be uploaded to a web server.

The website is hosted by a hosting company. Hosting is usually billed on a monthly or yearly basis, and this will depend on the type of the hosting server and the bandwidth needed by the website. Domain names can be bought anywhere on the internet. It is a convenient feature to set up the hosting and buy the domain name in the same location. There are many companies that provide hosting and domain name registration together to make things convenient.

As soon as the domain name has been purchased, login details will be provided to access the account. This information is very important and will be needed to be passed onto a web developer if the need arises. If the domain name is purchased from a different company to that of the hosting company, the DNS should be modified with the domain registrar. The change made to the DNS will inform the domain registrar that your URL is being hosted by someone else.

When modifying an email address, we should keep in mind of the changes that happen to the email address if it was also set up with the domain registrar. The email address will need to be set up with the host provider again. It would be a good idea to contact your web developer or IT department when you are making such a change.Difference Between Domain and Hosting

What is a Web hosting

Web hosting refers to a web server that store data files of very large capacity. Web hosting providers rent out web servers. These web servers are used to make network connections and connect end user and resellers.

Web hosting can be said to be a service that allows individuals and organizations to post webpages and websites to the internet. A web host is a service or a business that provides services and technology in order to enable its client to publish web pages and website on the internet. Web sites are hosted and stored on servers that are specially designed computers.

The user has to type in the web address on the browser in order to access a particular website. Hosting companies will require a domain name owned by you in order to host your website. Hosting companies can help you purchase a domain name if you do not own one yet.

Key Difference -  Domain vs  Hosting

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What is the difference between Domain and Hosting?

Definition of Domain and Hosting

Domain: Domain name is an identification or a named address of an internet location.
Hosting: Hosting is done with the powerful server that is connected to the internet, constantly consisting of several high-speed internet connections.

Characteristics of Domain and Hosting

Access website

Domain: Domain name makes it easy to access a website without needing to remember a numeric IP address
Hosting: Hosting is a fixed server where data files of the website are saved for easy access.


Domain: Domain name is unique and will secure a specific internet address. This address cannot be used by any other person.
Hosting: Hosting is done on a server managed by a hosting company.

Maintenance, upgrades, and configurations

Domain: Domain name will need a monthly or yearly subscription, so it does not expire.
Hosting: Hosting is done by the company, so the owner of the website does not need to do maintenance, upgrades, and configurations. Hosting will also come with a fee.


Domain: Domain name help visitors access web content
Hosting: Hosting helps store content like website on web servers. Web hosts provide a physical space to its clients. The content of the website is stored on web servers.

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