Difference Between Duck and Chicken

Duck vs Chicken

Duck and Chicken are two birds that show differences between them when it comes to their nature and characteristics. A duck is classified as a swimming bird whereas a chicken is not classified as a swimming bird. This is the main difference between a duck and a chicken.

A duck’s claws are webbed in nature. Webbed claws are useful for swimming in the case of a duck. A duck normally lives in water. They have oil glands which keep their feathers waterproof. They have webbed feet to swim in the water. This is the reason why a duck is also called as a water bird. On the other hand a chicken is not a water bird.

A chicken is the young one of a hen. It has strong claws with three toes in the front and one at the back. It is interesting to note that the claws of the chicken are used for scratching the ground. The chicken is classified as a scratching bird. It is important to know that chicken can fly only short distances. They normally walk. As a matter of fact a chicken is often considered as a domestic foul. Its flesh is eaten as a kind of food.

The beak of a duck is flat and broad when compared to a chicken. The beak of a duck is used to dig mud. On the other hand the beak of a chicken is used to catch its prey. Ducks build their nests on the ground. These are the important differences between the two birds, namely, duck and chicken.

  • Violet

    If a person is selling duck rice, and a customer ask for a chicken rice but the seller didn’t care and gave the customer duck rice. How do you see if you are eating duck or chicken?

  • JANE