Difference Between Dusk and Dawn

Dusk vs Dawn

Dusk and dawn are actually opposite times of the day. The former refers to the time before night starts while the latter refers to the time just before the night ends. There is no specific time for them, however, as sunrise and sunset occurs differently everyday.


Dusk is a time just before the night will begin. This usually occurs at 6 to 7 in the early evening. Although the sky remains blue, tints of orange or red usually appears as well. Dusk is the time when all the nocturnal animals, and some people, come out to play. This is also rush hour as people are now bustling to make it home to dinner.


Dawn, in contrast, is the start of the day. This is the time just before the sun rises up on the horizon. During this time, the sky starts to fill with the sun’s glow, its rays piercing the darkness. For some people, this is the start of their day, especially those who want an early start or those who have to commute.

While being on the opposite ends of the day, dusk and dawn still command great interest among people because they showcase some of the most romantic scenes you can find. A nice sunset or a nice dawn, some people are just suckers for their charm. Also, dusk and dawn are called twilight because it is the time of the day that sun is found just above or below the horizon. While dawn is the start of the day, dusk is the end. Dusk also tends to be busier in the metropolis since people are rushing to get home. Dawn tends to be more peaceful since most people are still asleep.

Whether you are a romantic or not, dusk and dawn still remains to be powerful symbolism and scenes, having equal grandeur even though they are opposite times.

In brief:

• Dusk is the time just before the sun sets. The sky remains bright, but the sun already starts to look orangey. This is also rush hour in the city.

• Dawn is the time just before the sun rises. The sky remains dark, but the sun already peeps out of the horizon, piercing the darkness with its light. This is also a peaceful time as most people are still asleep.

  • Md Nooreain