Difference Between Duvet and Comforter

Duvet vs Comforter

In places that have a cold weather, snuggling under bedding material that is soft and warm is a feeling beyond description. Different names are used for bedding material, especially for sheets that are pre-filled for warmth and comfort, in different places. Duvet and comforter are two such things that are used for similar purposes. While both are used to cover or wrap around oneself in cold weather during nights, there are differences between the two that will be highlighted in this article.


A duvet is not a bed sheet or a bedcover to be put over the bed. It is actually a bag filled with down or feathers that are put inside a cover called duvet cover much like a pillow is put inside a pillow cover. This cover can be washed like a pillow cover, yet some people prefer to keep sheets over the duvet cover. A duvet is used around the year in many places with cold weather. Duvets are very comfortable and provide the warmth needed during nights in European countries. There are thin duvets to be used during summers while there are heavier ad thicker duvets for winters. Duvets are mostly white and off-white in color, and it looks like many small pillows filled with feathers stitched together side by side. Interestingly, a duvet that is pronounced as due-vay means down in French.


Comforter is a blanket made with a decorative cloth and filled with synthetic fiber or feathers, sometimes even wool or silk. If the filling is heavy, the comforter is thick and very warm, but if the filling is light, the comforter is lightweight and less warm. To hold the feathers or the fillings inside, the comforter is stitched and sometimes quilted. Comforter is not put inside a cover, and it is put on the bed as a bedspread during the day. It has to be dry-cleaned when it gets dirty.

What is the difference between Duvet and Comforter?

• A comforter is larger in size than a duvet.

• A comforter can be used as a bedspread though it is basically a pre-filled blanket

• A duvet looks like a bag made up of small pillows filled with down or feathers. A duvet has to be inserted inside a duvet cover.

• When dirty, a duvet cover can be washed but not the duvet. On the other hand, a comforter can be dry cleaned or washed.

• A duvet is thick in winters while thinner duvet is used during summers in Europe.

• A comforter is stitched to hold the layers of fillings whereas a duvet looks like a string of small pillows held together by stitching.

• Some people make use of duvet as bedding in summers. However, a comforter is always used as a blanket

• Duvets can be called a special type of comforters.