Difference Between Duvet and Quilt

Duvet vs Quilt

There are lots of styles when it comes to beddings, and all over the world, different names and designs are in vogue when it comes to snuggling under the covers for a warm and cozy night’s sleep. People are often confused with difference between duvet and quilt and have their preferences to call the blanket they use as a quilt or a duvet. However, there are differences between quilt and duvet that will be discussed in this article to remove any doubts.


Quilts, also called razai’s in Asia, are sort of blankets to keep one self warm and comfortable when it is cold outside. Quilts have a cover that can be any cloth from cotton to silk with a filling inside (fibers or cotton), and a back that are stitched together in a manner to prevent the filing from moving. Quilts have different patterns and designs in different cultures but serve the basic purpose of providing warmth and comfort. One thing that makes quilts different from other types of bedcovers is the way they are stitched, making nice looking patches on the quilt. Quilts are given as presents on important occasions such as weddings and birth of a child. Some quilts are so beautiful that they are used as a wall hanging or as a table cloth.


Duvet is a word used to describe a special type of bedding or bedcover that is very comfortable and warm and is fluffy and cozy in comparison to a quilt. These beddings originated in Europe but are today used in all parts of the world. If you look a typical duvet from a distance, you would feel as if it is a cover containing lots of pillows inside. These fluffy pillows are nothing but feathers of ducks or down that are stitched in a pattern to make the duvet so soft and cozy. Though duvets are simpler as compared to a system of bed sheets, quilts and quilt covers as you only require a duvet to make up a bed, there are people who make use of duvet covers so as to be able to wash it thus keeping duvet always neat and clean. Duvets are traditionally, white, off white or beige in color which is in sharp contrast to quilts that have many intricate designs and materials. In modern times, use of cotton, wool or silk has become common as a filler in a duvet in place of feathers.

Duvet and Quilt

• Quilts and duvets are two different types of beddings or bedcovers

• Quilts have a thin layer of filling inside whereas duvets are fluffy in appearance

• Duvets are plain and are mostly off white, white and beige in color whereas quilts have many different colors and designs

• The pattern of stitching of quilts and duvets is quite different

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