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Difference Between Effective and Affective

Effective vs Affective

 Effective and Affective are two words that are used without any difference between them by some people. It is wrong to do so. There is difference in their meanings and connotation.

Effective is something about the result. On the other hand affective is something about influence. In other words the word ‘affective’ suggests the influence of something on the other. The word ‘effective’ suggests the nature of the result or the efficacy of the result.

Look at the sentences mentioned below:

1. The medicine was very effective.

2. Plague is an affective disease.

In the first sentence the word ‘effective’ is used in the sense of the efficacy of the medicine to drive away the disease or ailment. On the other hand in the second sentence the word ‘affective’ suggests that Plague has the power to influence somebody who is close to an infected person and infect him or her too. Thus the word ‘affective’ is used in the sense of ‘infectious’.

On the other hand the word ‘effective’ is not used in the sense of ‘infectious’. In other words it can be said that the word ‘effective’ suggests the power within whereas the word ‘affective’ suggests the power without.

The word ‘effective’ is used as an adjective as in the sentence “He took an effective decision”. Here the word ‘effective’ is used to convey the sense of ‘strong’. The word ‘effective’ almost guarantees result. On the other hand the word ‘affective’ does not guarantee the result.

The influence suggested by the word ‘affective’ may be sufficient enough to cause a change. On the other hand the power suggested by the word ‘effective’ is certainly sufficient to cause a change. This is the big difference between the two words that needs to be understood. Both the words should be used with a lot of care and precision.


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