Difference Between Egg Roll and Spring Roll

Egg Roll vs Spring Roll

Whether spring roll or egg roll, you are in love with these appetizers that are served at Chinese restaurants as they are quite yummy in taste. They also look quite similar being cylindrical in shape with crispy wrapper and filling inside. This is why many people find it difficult to differentiate between an egg roll and a spring roll. It is only when one is able to see both varieties side by side that he is able to realize the differences. This article attempts to throw some light on the subtle differences between the two savory breakfast items.

Egg Roll

Egg roll is a food item that has become an integral part of the menu of all Asian restaurants across the country. It is a cylindrical roll made of dough that is afterwards dipped in beaten eggs. This wrapper is fried to make it crunchy. The inside of the roll is full of cabbage, minced vegetables or meats, carrots, and a few other ingredients. Sometimes noodles are filled inside as filling in egg rolls. In fact, there are dozens of variations of egg roll, and in India, fried egg is put inside a paratha (Indian bread) and people refer to it as an egg roll. Raw onion pieces, chilies, and sauce are added on to this egg roll, to make it yummy. Around the world though, it is the filling of cabbage, carrots and vegetable or meats that dominate egg rolls.

Spring Roll

Spring roll is an appetizer that can be fried as well as steamed. Spring roll has a crispy outside that is rolled to make it into a cylindrical shape. A spring roll can have a variety of fillings in the form of meats and vegetables and noodles are mostly stuffed inside spring rolls. The vegetable pieces or the meats that are found in spring rolls are cooked separately and placed inside the wrapper before they are steamed or being served cold instead. There are many variations of spring rolls throughout Asia, but they are believed to be Chinese in origin as the name comes from the Chinese chun juan that literally means spring rolls. During Spring Festival in China, spring rolls are eaten with gusto.

What is the difference between Egg Roll and Spring Roll?

• The wrappers of spring rolls are thin and often translucent, whereas wrappers of egg rolls are thick.

• Spring rolls can be served hot as well as cold, whereas egg rolls are always served hot.

• Spring rolls can be deep fried or steamed, whereas egg rolls are always fried.

• Egg roll is larger in size than a spring roll.

• It basically depends upon which part of the world you are to be referring to the food item as a spring roll or an egg roll. Inside the US, egg roll is the common name for rolls made of dough with fillings of cabbage, vegetables or minced meats inside.