Difference Between Ego and Pride

Ego vs Pride

The words ego and pride are so close in meaning and so interrelated that sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate between them. If you ask a person the difference between these two concepts, he will in all probability draw a blank which is why this article, by highlighting the subtle differences between ego and pride will enlighten you on the subject.

Some people think of ego as self respect. Though it is true in some cases, it can too often lead to arrogance which even the person may be unaware of. Ego is a feeling of being superior to others. It originates in mind and has often no relation with reality. Ego in simple terms can be referred to as I, ME, and Myself. A person who is all the time thinking about himself has a larger ego than a person who is concerned about others as well.

Pride is a feeling of satisfaction arising from what one has done or achieved. It is a sense of accomplishment that is healthy and good for a person and motivates him to be doing better all the time. A person who takes pride in the quality of his work is never satisfied with a below par performance and strives to do well all the time.

Ego acts like a hurdle when one tries to develop a positive relationship with another person. It also stops one from saying sorry to another person as ego gets hurt in the process. Ego is self intoxicating and you provide it nourishment every time you think of yourself as superior than others. A bloated or super sized ego is harmful for a person as he can never adjust with others thinking all the time about his superiority.

Ego is therefore an unhealthy pride that leads to arrogance. Pride on the other hand is a feeling of pleasure and joy. It is a sense of accomplishment that tends to bring humility in a person. You must have noticed how humble those who achieve everything in their field become. Ego gives one a swollen head while pride gives a swollen heart. A big head is always a problem as it gives big headaches whereas a big heart gives nothing but humility. While ego is self admiration, pride is self satisfaction.

In brief:

• Ego and pride are closely related concepts

• Ego is born in mind whereas pride is born in heart

• Ego is unhealthy pride

• Ego is a stumbling block in developing healthy relationships with others

• Pride leads to humility while ego leads to arrogance.