Difference Between Egoist and Egotist

Egoist vs Egotist

As we often confuse the terms Egoist with the Egotist, let us understand the difference between egoist and egotist. They,egoist and egotist, sound similar and most of the people think that they are similar in meaning. However, these terms have their own meanings which are different from each other. Egoist is a person who thinks highly of him/herself. The egotist is so much interested in him/her and likes to talk about him/herself always. Both words carry almost the same meaning and depending on the person’s actions, the meaning changes. A person becomes an egotist or an egoist due to the psychological condition called egotism, which makes a person to enhance high and mighty views on him/her. Now, let us look at both terms in detail.

What does Egoist mean?

Egoist is a person who always believes him/her to be superior and better than the others. The main thing about the Egoist is that we cannot predict a man/woman to be an egoist because they may not show what they think of themselves. They do not openly talk of their high self-esteem. These people keep on thinking that they are more superior and finer than the others. Hence, egoist does not boast about him/herself. Another characteristic of an egoist is that they try to get whatever they want regardless of any obstacle. If they come across a barrier in achieving a specific goal, the egoists plan the ways in secret and try to get the thing done. They plan everything in their mind. Egoists are said to be selfish also. They do not show their true nature to outside and that is why they become so cunning.

What does Egotist mean?

Egotists are also interested in themselves and we find them always talking about themselves. Even when he/she is talking with somebody about something, the egotist tries to boast about him/her. He/she wants all the conversations that they have to revolve around them. Unlike egoists, the egotists try to get whatever they want by any means. That means, legally or illegally they get what they want. One of the special features they have is that they do not do things secretly. Also, these people do not think of the consequences of a certain action before they perform it. It is said that, egotists are not selfish as the egoists and these are more self- centered.

Difference Between Egoist and Egotist

What is the difference between Egoist and Egotist?

When we consider both cases, we find similarities as well as differences. Both these are psychological conditions of humans. Further, theseconditions are coined with the perception of individuals of themselves. In both instances, they consider highly of themselves and they have a superior notion of them. However, if egoists and egotists want something, they get that thing done.

When considering about the differences between the two terms, we can see that,

• Egotists talk openly of his/her self ego whereas egoists believe that they are superior.

• Egotists are considered to be boastful and egoists are more secretive.

• Moreover, egoists are selfish and think only of themselves but egotists may not be such selfish even though they are considered to be self-centered.

• Egoist is always cunning than the egotists.

Likewise, there are differences in these two terms and both these status of humans show a psychological condition prevail in the society.