Difference Between Electrolysis and Laser

Electrolysis vs Laser

Women have traditionally desired to have a smooth and glowing skin without hair. They have been making use of different methods to remove unwanted hair from various body parts such as armpits, arms, legs, and even the pubic area. While waxing remains a popular hair removal method for most women around the world for obvious reasons of ease of use and being inexpensive, it suffers in the sense that it is a short term solution for hair removal. Two modern methods of hair removal are electrolysis and laser that are increasingly being used by women for getting unwanted hair removed from face and other body part. This article tries to make the differences between laser and electrolysis clear for all readers so as to allow them to choose the method that is more suitable for them.


As the name implies, laser light is used over the area where hair removal is required. This light gets absorbed by the skin and the pigmentation and later even the hair follicles absorb this intense light. Follicles fall apart because of the heat of the laser if the laser treatment is continued for 2-3 months. The treatment actually involves 4 sessions that are spaced around a 4 month period. The experience of laser treatment has been described by woman as popping of rubber band against the skin.

The important thing to note is that the laser does not work well for all skin and hair types, and you are a good candidate if you happen to have a fair skin but dark hair. Dark skin is known to absorb the heat of the laser light quickly.

Laser is not for those who want quick visible results and perfect results, as there is always a chance of skin getting burnt, leaving brown spots after the use of laser.


For permanent hair removal, electrolysis has become a preferred choice of millions of women all over the world. In this treatment, a thin needle is placed inside the skin of the patient in such a fashion that it reaches hair follicles. Now a small electric current is sent through this needle that has the capacity to destroy the hair follicle. There are three different types of electrolysis known as galvanic electrolysis, thermolysis, and blend, which is actually a combination of both thermolysis and galvanic. Electrolysis is a treatment that takes longer than laser hair removal but is not required to be carried out in sessions spaced out over a long period.

Electrolysis can be described as a small injection followed by a shock that destroys individual hair follicles. Each and every hair is removed in this process, but it is time taking and more painful than laser hair removal.

Electrolysis vs Laser

  • Laser makes use of light while electrolysis makes use of tiny injections and electric shocks to root out hair.
  • Electrolysis is more painful than laser which feels like snapping of rubber band on the skin.
  • Laser is faster than electrolysis, but the latter produces long term results while, with laser, the hair regrows.
  • For fair skin and dark hair, laser is considered ideal. On the other hand, for dark skin and light hair, electrolysis is deemed better.
  • For a small amount of hair, electrolysis proves to be more cost effective but, if there are lots of hairs on the body, laser proves more cost effective.