Difference Between Employee Engagement and Commitment

Employee Engagement vs Commitment

Having a clear idea on the difference between employee engagement and commitment is important for those in the field of human resource management as employee engagement and employee commitment are often confused terms. Employees who are engaged in particular activities must be committed to completing the tasks effectively. If so, it will gain competitive advantage for the company within the industry. Organizational success heavily depends on the employee’s contribution. Therefore, employee engagement and commitment are important concepts to every organization. This article analyzes the difference between employee engagement and commitment.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the level of the employee’s involvement in carrying out the business operations. A person’s attitudes, beliefs and experiences determine the level of the engagement to a particular task. Therefore, leaders have a huge responsibility in stimulating the intrinsic desires of the employees in an organization in order to get their maximum contribution.

According to Scarlett Surveys, employee engagement as an individual’s degree of positive or negative emotional attachment to their organization, their job and their colleagues. This definition has been considered as a accepted global standard due to few reasons as follows.

• It is measurable in terms of the performance level of the employees.

• The impact of leadership can be measured with the organizational achievements.

An engaged employee is a person who is fully involved in and enthusiastic about, his or her work. Engaged employees are emotionally attached to the organization and always working with the aim of achieving the vision of the company.

Employee engagement directly affects the mindset of the people. Engaged employees are working with a confidence to make a difference and build the company to a higher level in the industry. Confidence that is built up with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that people possess in both themselves and others can be considered as a powerful predictor of behavior and their subsequent performance.

What is Employee Commitment?

Commitment means the employees’ dedication towards achieving a particular task effectively and efficiently. It is a some sort of a responsibility to the wellbeing of the organization as a whole. This can be a responsibility to the company, his/her product, facility or department.

The success of the company depends on the level of employee commitment towards the organization to achieve the specific goals. Employee commitment is build up with his interest towards a particular task. Therefore, it is the duty and the responsibility of the managers to create a friendly and safe environment within the organization for its employees.

Difference Between Employee Engagement and Commitment

What is the difference between Employee Engagement and Commitment?

• Employee commitment refers to the level of employee dedication towards completing a particular task or an activity; employee engagement involves the employee’s contribution towards the attainment of organizational goals.

• Employee commitment is build with the satisfaction level of the employees to work in the organization. An engaged employees are those who are emotionally attached to the organization and are always trying to give their maximum contribution for its betterment.