Difference Between Engineering and Technology

Engineering vs Technology

Engineering and technology are intertwined terms in society. To understand the difference between engineering and technology, one needs to know what their meaning is. While engineering is a field of study, technology is application based upon science and technology. We know that science is knowledge or understanding about a subject or phenomenon of natural world. It is a knowledge based upon logic and experimentation that is verifiable. Example of science would be study of Nuclear Physics.

Engineering is both a field of study as well as application of knowledge (scientific) to create or produce something such as products and something structural. If some principles and methods of a science subject such as Nuclear Physics are used to make a structure such as a Nuclear reactor, the reactor would be called an example of engineering.

Technology is also an application of knowledge gained through science and engineering fields to make or produce complex structures. Examples of technology would be parts of latest appliances and complex applications.

Thus it is clear that engineering is a discipline of study that imparts scientific knowledge of designing and building structures, machines, materials, systems and processes as well as application of this knowledge for production of all such categories. When we use the word engineering college, we mean a place where different streams of engineering are taught to students who later qualify to work as engineers in different sectors of economy.

The word technology is commonly used in processes where our knowledge of science and engineering is used to control and adapt to our environments. The term technology was first used to describe the ability of human beings to convert natural resources into tools for use.

Both engineering and technology affect society and human life in general. It is through the use of engineering and technology that a nation makes use of its natural resources. These two are indispensable for growth of infrastructure and economic development of any nation. Leaps in science, engineering and technology help in advancement and betterment of human life and are invaluable in saving humanity from many natural and man made disasters as well.

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    Being a Civil Engineer, this description is a very good comparison between engineering and technology.

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    very confused

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    this is nothing about their difference. actually, tech. is the application of science where engg. is the optimum economical way of applying technology.,

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    I take the technology and I engineer something with it.