Difference Between Epiphone Guitar and Gibson Guitar

Epiphone Guitar vs Gibson Guitar

Epiphone and Gibson are brand names of Les Paul guitars. Both brands are well adored by a wide range of guitarists. Those who want to purchase for less would usually resort to buying Epiphone guitars. Although Gibson owns Epiphone, there is a great difference between these two Les Paul guitars.

Epiphone Guitar

Epiphone guitars are usually made in China. This guitar brand is actually owned by Epiphone although production, materials, sound and quality differs. This guitar brand may not be as good as Gibson however for a cheap guitar; Epiphone has a pretty good quality. Other guitarists will justify that the sound and quality can be matched by pure talent, which is why Epiphone is a good buy.

Gibson Guitar

Meanwhile, Gibson has an outstanding reputation when it comes to Les Paul guitars. They are made in the United States with lacquer finishing. Hardware and electronics are of high quality. This guitar comes with a hefty price tag which is why it is not recommended for those who are still starting to learn how to play. When you speak of sound quality, nothing seems to beat Gibson Les Paul guitars.

Difference between Epiphone Guitar and Gibson Guitar

Epiphone are usually made in China; Gibson’s are from the United States of America. Epiphone guitars have lower sound quality and physical stability compared to Gibson guitars. Epiphone buyers often have issues with uneven frets, although it can be resolved through their warranty. Gibson buyers on the other hand, are satisfied with every Les Paul guitar that they purchase. Epiphone guitars are being sold at low prices while Gibson guitars are very expensive which is why others would most likely purchase the Epiphone guitars first and buy the expensive ones when they have enough cash.

As mentioned, how good you are or how talented the guitarist is, means more than the brand of the guitar. However if you would really like to buy the best and high quality guitars, then it would be best to try out the different brands and have a feel of the guitar, so to speak.

In brief:

• Epiphone is mostly made in China while Gibson is made in the US.

• Epiphone guitars are sold cheap while Gibson guitars are expensive.

• Epiphone are considered by some as low quality while Gibson, the exact opposite.

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