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Difference Between Error and Mistake

Error vs Mistake

Error and Mistake are words which people use often and are usually switched around, even if they have slightly different meanings. Both of them refer to something which is done incorrectly due to some kind of personal misjudgment or inattention as something, though they are used in different situations to be more fitting.


Error usually means that the person who committed it did something wrong because they thought wrongly and judged incorrectly. It is used for formal situations and is more serious since it is usually a more important problem that occurred due to the misjudgment. Also it is better for computing and programming problems since it is more technical and formal and is best when talking to customers or higher ups.


Mistake refers to something that is more common. An example is mistaking salt from sugar, it is a common mistake and everyone makes it sometimes so it is not considered a grave error. It usually involves something done wrong because they thought something else and it was an accident. Also, it is more informal and is better when talking to friends or family.

Difference between Error and Mistake

Both words are used in different situations but both involve something going wrong. Error is something that you would use in a formal event where something went wrong. Usually it is a technical error where something went wrong with calculations and such. It is considered to be more of a grave problem. Mistake on the other hand is more informal and much more common. It is considered to be a simple wrongdoing and is not grave unless stated otherwise. Everyone makes mistakes as it is only human, so it is usually excusable.

In brief:

• Mistake is used in terms of an in correct action, opinion or judgment. It is also used to express misunderstanding; for example “I have mistaken you.”

• Error is a mistake that causes problems or affects the result of something.

• Error is formal while mistake is informal.

• Mistake is common and error is technical or mathematical.


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