Difference Between Ethical and Moral

Ethical vs Moral

The difference between ethical and moral is very confusing for some people. At first glance, the two concepts may even appear synonymous. However, there is a difference that will be clear after reading this article. Every society has codes of conduct that are considered ethical and people engaging in behaviors that breach this code of conduct are looked down upon. Let us take a closer look by citing some examples.

Abortion is one subject that was considered as a taboo a few decades ago. There are religions around the world that consider it as a sin against humanity even today. However, to give parents the ability to limit their family and also to control booming population that puts pressure on resources, abortion has been legalized in many countries. If anyone in country that has legalized abortion goes for it, it is perfectly OK in the eyes of the law and may even be ethical in the eyes of the society, there are people who consider it immoral to kill fetus as they think it is tantamount to killing. This is where difference between morals and ethics becomes clear and transparent. Ethical is what a society considers to be good and OK whereas moral is a personal belief system that is at a much deeper level.

Another topic of heated discussion is homosexuality. There are many countries where societies have finally accepted that there are people who have sexual tendencies towards same sex and they have even made provisions to the effect that such people are not discriminated against. This means that societies have finally yielded and consider it ethical and legal to engage in homosexuality. However, there are lots of people in these very societies who are vociferous against such behaviors as they think it is immoral to indulge in homosexuality and they abhor it.

• Moral and ethical sound similar but they are different.

• Ethical are those codes of conduct that are considered proper and OK by the society. However they may still be immoral for people at a deeper level where his personal belief system resides.