Difference Between Europe and America

Europe vs America

Difference between Europe and America is diverse as they are two different regions with different cultures. America, which is commonly known as the United States, or just States is a country consisting 50 states and federal districts. Together with Mexico and Canada, America is called the North American continent. But, America alone is just a country with 50 states. Europe, on the other hand, is a continent boarded by both Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Europe is the second smallest continent whereas America is the fourth largest country by total area. Let us look at both in detail.

More about America

America, as mentioned above, is the fourth largest country by total area and third largest by population. The native people of America are known to be Red Indians. However, later British went and settled and America was developed to be as a separate country. New World is another name used to refer to America. It signifies hope as America was a land discovered by the Europeans. America is an ethnically and culturally diverse nation and has become home for many immigrants from all around the world. Also, the geography and climate are extremely diverse in America. You can find areas where there is extreme heat. Then, there are areas that are colder as they are closer to the pole, like Alaska. America enjoys the four seasons. However, not all the states enjoy that benefit. For example, it never snows in California. America was a former colony of Britain. When the settlers of the New World became tired of the extreme taxes imposed on them by the British rulers, Americans started protesting. This led to American Revolution. As a result, America got independence in 1780s. America is the first country to develop nuclear weapons as well. They are the first ones to use a nuclear weapon on another country during war as they did during the World War 2.

When we look at the economic conditions of America, it can be identified as a developed country, having the largest national economy. Further, America is abundant with natural resources and there is high labor productivity. National language of America is English but different states use other languages as well. America is well known for Hollywood movie hits. America can be recognized as one of the most outstanding countries in the world as it is a combination of economic strength, strong community, as well as a maximum entertainment industry.

Difference Between Europe and America

More about Europe

Europe is a continent consisting 50 countries in its territory. While Russia owns the largest surface area on earth, Europe continent has become the second largest by its total land area. Also, it is the third most populous continent in the world. Europe is said to be the birthplace of western culture. It played a big role in colonialism. During 16 th to 19th centuries, Europe controlled so many countries in Africa, Asia and America. Further, the industrial revolution began in Europe and there was a rapid change in western culture and economy. Since Europe is a collection of many countries, there is diversity everywhere. However, in certain countries, they have specific laws regarding immigration and, therefore, there is not much cultural diversity in many parts of Europe.

 Europe vs America

What is the difference between Europe and America?

When we take both America and Europe together, we see similarities as well as differences. When we look at similarities, we see that both are western countries and also most of the times they have similar climatic conditions. Also, they have become home for many immigrants and both are well-developed nations.

• Europe is mainly a continent, but America is just a country. If you take America together with Mexico and Canada, then, it is known as the North American continent.

• Europe consists of about 50 countries whereas America has 50 states under its territory.

• America is highly diverse in terms of ethnicity and culture and in contrast Europe has a kind of homogeneity in itself.

• Also, English is used as the national language in America and most states use English as their main language. Europe, being a continent, uses several languages and there is a significant difference in the English accent in both nations.


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