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Difference Between Exam and Test

Exam vs Test

Exam and Test are two words that are often confused as two words that convey the same meaning. Actually they are not so. They should be regarded as two different words that convey two different meanings. Their usages differ too.

The word exam is used in the sense of ‘check’. On the other hand, the word ‘test’ is used in the sense of ‘investigation’. This is the main difference between the two words. There is of course some difference between checking and investigating though.

Take a look at the following sentences,

1. Francis conducted an exam on the number of cars in his travel office.

2. Angela considered the exam as a difficult one.

In both the sentences, the word ‘exam’ is used in the sense of ‘check’.

It is interesting to note that the word ‘test’ is used as a noun. It has an abstract noun in the form of ‘testing’. The adjectival form of the word ‘test’ is also ‘testing’. Observe the two sentences,

1. Robert took the test seriously.

2. Angela conducted a test on the results.

In both the sentences, the word ‘test’ is used in the sense of ‘investigation’. Sometimes the word ‘test’ is used in the sense of ‘written examination’ as in the sentence ‘the children took their test today’. These are the differences between the two words, exam and test.


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